Wilderness Reserve
Rebecca & Tom

I haven’t been to Sibton Park aka Wilderness Reserve for a few years now, so when Bex and Tom got in touch in 2020 I jumped at the chance. Fast forward many months and here I was along with David Cliff (second shooter for the day) ready to get stuck in.

Bex and her entourage spent most of morning getting ready downstairs in the dining room, whilst the boys were in the walled garden as they wrestled with their ties. Before long, Bex headed upstairs for those all important finishing details, not least the dress and those fabulous Jimmy Choos. With a bird’s eye view to what would be the outdoor ceremony, it was the perfect spot to keep on top of timings and to see what the local weather forecasters (cows) were predicting, or perhaps they were just angling for a better seat for the main event.

Once the dress was on, it was time to head down that iconic staircase to be greeted by a tearful Dad. Once the meeting with the registrar was complete, it was on with the show…

Anyone planning an outdoor wedding ceremony in the UK has the right to be a bit twitchy, but despite the earlier mass migration from our local weather experts it was to be a dry day. Tom awaited eagerly as Bex and her Dad stepped outside and walked together up the aisle. It was a heartfelt ceremony and it just seemed to whizz by, because before you knew it the knot was tied and B&T were being ceremoniously pelted with confetti. A nice relaxed reception followed before the call to dinner.

After a handful of speeches that provoked as much laughter as they did tears, there was the opportunity once more to step outside and take in the view with an evening cocktail. Even though the sun wasn’t playing ball at this time, it’s always a great idea to get a few photos of the couple once the pace of the wedding has slowed down. What followed was an awesome party kicked off by the first dance, and there’s no better way to end the day and begin the evening’s celebrations.

Congratulations Bex and Tom, and thank you for having us along to capture it all!


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