Wedding Photography Albums by Richard Galloway

March 24, 2015

Why have an album in the digital age?

Why are wedding albums such an important part of wedding photography? I mean after all, everything lands up on Facebook and pictures can be stored on a hard drive because digital is the way forward right? Well, sort of.

One might suggest that an album might just gather dust on a shelf somewhere, but if the photography for your wedding is all that you ever hoped for then it’s more than likely that you will want to look at the pictures again and again. After all, photographs are all the better for being presented in a way that merits their beauty and originality. In fact, I would suggest that pictures presented beautifully in a professionally hand crafted album are more likely to be looked at time and time again than those on your hard drive collecting digital dust.

What types of album do I provide?

A few years ago when I first started offering albums to my clients, I spent many a night glued to the internet researching the best possible options. And after some exhaustive web browsing I found what I thought was the perfect combination of albums, so the next thing was to jump on a train to the Photography Trade Show to take a closer look. It didn’t take long for me to make my decision. Of course there were many other stands there with albums on display, but it was the superb levels of quality for both the Colorworld and Jorgensen albums that won me over. Let me tell you a little bit about them…

Renaissance by Colorworld

Your pictures are printed onto high quality photographic paper and then mounted onto a core, so that the pages lie flat when open. Each double page spread is a completely blank canvas so you really can do whatever you want with them. Be it spread a picture across two pages or bleed an image off the edge of the page, anything goes. The pages are then bound by hand and covered with a leather of your choice.


Jorgensen Albums

Jorgensen albums present the pictures within a bevelled mat, thus emphasising the impact of each photograph on the page. The build quality is absolutely amazing, and for this reason and for the standard of printing (not to mention the range and quality of leathers available), Jorgensen is considered among the very best in the world.



Folio Albums

I’m very excited to be including Folio albums as an option for my clients in the very near future. Like the Renaissance album, these albums are flush-mounted (i.e. the pictures are printed on the actual pages) yet because of the type of paper used and cover materials available, my clients will have more choice as to how their album will look and feel. I had a good look at the Folio stand at SWPP convention and I was very impressed with their passion for what they do, their green credentials, and not least their absolutely stunning albums. Definitely an album to get very excited about!

Designing your Album

First things first! THE most important thing to me is that you’re 100% happy with the final design before it’s sent off for print. In other words, although I design the layouts for you, you have complete control over how each double page spread looks. You might prefer a certain picture to be presented in colour rather than in black & white, or perhaps you’d like to see a lighter background or have the picture spread right over the centreline of the album. It’s an entirely flexible process which involves me uploading design drafts to a user-friendly specialist website which allows you to view the pages and make comments where appropriate. Once you’re completely happy with the look of the album, it usually takes around 4 weeks to produce and deliver.

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