Wedding Photographer Guilford


Wedding photographer Guilford, Surrey and across the UK.

This is the first chapter of the rest of your lives together. A day fuelled by drama and emotion. Love. Ecstasy. Anxiousness. Anticipation. Friendship. It’s all there, raw and uncut. Capturing moments and emotions and then shaping them into a story. That’s what I do. That’s what I’ve been doing for the last ten years. It’s a passion that I care deeply about, and it’s taken me all over the country from Guilford to Guisely, from London to Lancashire. From the documenting of each unique story, to the relationship that I build with each couple who have chosen me to capture their story, it’s all such a privilege. And not least because every single story that I see reminds me of the importance of the woman in my life and the family we share together.

I can honestly say it’s not just a responsibility, it’s a joy and a privilege too. The short term effect of presenting your photographs to newlyweds is only the half of it. The emotions that your images bring back, the surprise of you having captured certain pictures when they were oblivious to you even being there. A wedding album is something to be enjoyed today, but treasured for decades and generations to come. And that’s what gives me the most satisfaction; knowing that what I’m putting together may start out as a wedding album but with time will become a family heirloom.

Wedding photographer Guilford, Surrey and across the UK

wedding photographer Guilford

I am incredibly lucky to be a photographer living in Guilford and covering the surrounding areas, having access to so many amazing venues locally and just on my doorstep. However I do love travelling outside of Guilford and seeing some new places and venues and will accept commissions throughout the UK and nationally.

Please contact me for a no obligation chat about your amazing plans and how you like it all to be captured. Do contact me by email or give me a call on 01252 835981.