beautiful pictures, presented beautifully

Why are wedding albums such an important part of wedding photography? I mean after all, everything lands up on Facebook and pictures can be stored on a hard drive…because digital is the way forward right? Well sort of. In fact, I would suggest that pictures beautifully presented  in a professionally hand crafted album are more likely to be looked at time and time again than those on your hard drive collecting digital dust.

A few years ago when I first started offering albums to my clients, I spent many a night glued to the internet researching the best possible options. And after some exhaustive web browsing I found what I thought was the perfect combination of albums, so the next thing was to jump on a train to the Photography Trade Show to take a closer look. It didn’t take long for me to make my decision. Of course there were many other stands there with albums on display, but it was the superb levels of quality and choice offered by these three albums that won me over. Let me tell you a little bit about them.

I’ve been using Renaissance albums for the last 10 years, such is their reputation for build quality and style within the wedding industry. With pictures being flush mounted (printed on the pages rather than dropped into mats), these albums offer the design flexibility that allows every page to be created from a blank canvas. Each album is hand bound and finished with a cover of your choice

Folio albums are one of the freshest designs in the album industry. Being of a flush mounted design, this album gives you the ability to print to the very edges of the page as well as across the centre line. Using extremely high quality cotton paper and the latest pigment-based inks, this combination produces absolutely stunning colour-rich pages with a bold contrast to them.
Jorgensen albums are considered to be amongst the very best albums in the world. Each photograph, which is printed on the highest quality paper, is set within a bevelled mat thus emphasising the impact of each photograph on the page. A beautiful album with a range of cover materials and colours to suit.