Upsland Farm
Alexandra & George

Documentary Wedding Photographer – Richard Galloway

This was Banks Family Wedding number three for me and the previous two (Natasha & Harry and Cara & Ollie) were epic/awesome/cracking and other such adjectives…you just knew that George and Alexandra were going to have so much fun and the day was going to live long in the memory.

I drove up from Surrey to North Yorkshire the day before through sunshine, downpours, and some extraordinary evening light once the rain had cleared. If the weather was going to be anything like this on the actual wedding, it was certainly going to be an interesting one.

It was a beautifully sunny morning when I woke up in my countryside B&B, so I decided that optimism was the best course of action and the weather forecasters (of which I checked a few) simply didn’t know their stuff. As it happens, I was wrong, they were right.

The day started for Tickle (Alexandra) and her bridesmaids at the family home which is just a short drive from St Nicholas’ Church in West Tanfield. The mood was everything you hope for as a photographer when shooting that part of the day. In other words, PLENTY of laughter, quite a few tears, and a considerable amount of pre-wedding excitement…

It was still dry by the time guests started to take their seats in church, but it really only looked like a matter of time until things started to change. Shortly after everyone had found a place to sit, Tickle preceded by her posse of Bridesmaids, walked up the aisle. It was a beautiful ceremony laced with some laugh-out-loud moments some of which were intentional, and others not so much (the vicar’s surprise at Women’s World Cup football and “GEORGE!” spring to mind).

Once the ceremony was complete the couple were treated to a sprinkling of rain and confetti in equal measure. Judging by the sunny smiles on the faces of George, Tickle, and all off their guests I don’t think anyone noticed the rain…and rightly so. Once the couple were seen off in the Rolls, it was time for reception at Upsland Farm. This is when it really started to get wet, so it was a case of piling into the sanctuary of the marquee, complete with cake, a bar, and ready-to-carve roasts. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon.

Perfectly executed and brilliantly funny/poignant speeches were the introduction to the wedding breakfast, and of course the sun came out for the evening. And then came the party! A brilliant DJ, The Human League dancing to The Human League, and some proper wedding dancing. What an absolute blast this was, the Banks/Waugh/Robinson/Hamilton-Ely brigades never fail to throw one hell of a party!

Documentary wedding photographer

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