Trinity College Oxford
Katie & David

September 7, 2019

‘WOW. It’s all I can say. David and I are already astounded and absolutely made up! They are truly fabulous and we can’t thank you enough once again. You have made us both very happy.’ – Katie and David from their honeymoon via email

There are several factors that play a big part in documenting a wedding. Light, mood, expression, emotion, weather. Doesn’t hurt if you’ve got a great backdrop too which Katie and David had in abundance for their Trinity College Wedding in Oxford…

After I had completed my morning recce of the College with David Cliff  (my second photographer for the day), I joined up with Katie and her entourage whilst David met up with…David. The prep stages at both ends were relaxed and fun, exactly as it should be! Once the dress was on I headed on back into Oxford ahead of the Bridal party and awaited Katie’s arrival the impossibly beautiful chapel at Trinity.

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After the ceremony was complete it was time to start the celebrations. First off, confetti! If the couple aren’t picking bits out of their hair for a good half hour afterwards, you haven’t done it properly.

Having done a handful of intimate photographs of Katie and David, it was time for dinner in the beautifully decorated dining hall. Naturally, speeches followed and as always there was plenty of emotion and laughter to go around.

The party soon followed so it was time to head downstairs into the Beer Cellar and have a properly good knees-up.

What an amazing day it was for Katie and David, congratulations to you both!


Such beautiful photographs, they say pictures speak a 1000 words and these certainly do that

Thank you Julie, that’s very kind of you to say so! 🙂

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