Stowe House – One of my favourite venues of 2016

July 17, 2015

Well we may only be in July at the time of writing but I thought I’d take a moment to write about one of the most dramatic wedding venues that I’ve been to so far this year. Being a wedding photographer I naturally see a lot of venues of all shapes, sizes, and style.

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I’ve shot Surrey weddings in secluded almost secretive spots like Coverwood Lakes, and I’ve shot Berkshire weddings in Barns. From Palladian Mansions to Gastro pubs, weddings are all so different which is what makes it such a joy to shoot them and a fresh experience every time I’m behind the camera.

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Today though I’m writing about Stowe House in Buckinghamshire which is just…vast! The moment you make your way up the drive, the sheer size of the estate hits you. It takes quite some time until you actually you see the main house such is the length of the drive, although ‘house’ is a bit of an understatement really.

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When I shot a wedding at Stowe House in September 2017, the ceremony took place in the Marble Saloon, the reception took place at the rear of the house with views almost as far as the eye can see, and the wedding breakfast took place in the Dining Room. The settings, as you’ll probably agree, are just breath taking and guests were still showing their amazement well into the evening.

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There’s no shortage of places to take the couple for a more intimate shoot of just the two of them. It seems that around every corner on the grounds there’s a picturesque bridge across a river, or a magnificent stone folly (of which there are many!).
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Simpy put, it’s one of the grandest wedding venues in the South-East and the fact that it is only hired out for a few weddings a year just adds to that feeling of exclusivity.

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