Stowe House
Lynsey & Kalil

‘I’m ugly-crying into a slab of wedding cake, looking at these over and over again. These are just stunning. We wanted candid, raw emotion – of every kind – and, by God, you delivered!’

Nice. At the risk of sounding glib, I think it’s one of the most underrated qualities in a person.  At face value, the word doesn’t have a lot of ‘weight’, but look a little closer and it encompasses approachability, friendliness, warmth, and a generosity of spirit. Not wanting to veer too much down the path of the sycophantic, Kalil and Lynsey were the personification of nice when I met them both. It was just going to be that kind of day.

August the 27th at Stowe House was an extremely emotional day. Friends and family who had travelled from the likes of Guinea and Lebanon to share these emotional moments were deeply connected to the couple. Simply put, it was a day of sharing and celebrating love.

Kalil and Lynsey prepared for the day ahead at Villiers Hotel in Buckingham, and it was a pleasure to be able to flit between the two and capture both sides of the same story. After they had wrestled with bowties and putting the finishing touches to the dress, I made a beeline for Stowe House…

It was an absolute joy to be back at Stowe House to photograph another wedding with fantastic backdrops wherever you look.

The ceremony itself was as I imagined it would be. A deeply emotional exchange of vows and looks and a wonderful couple who were living in the moment, all backlit by the warmth of the people surrounding them.

A sunny afternoon greeted the wedding party as they made their way outside for the confetti and the fun continued in a very relaxed and seamless way throughout reception.

After dinner and speeches that brought a lump to the throat, K&L headed outside for a short stroll and a few photos in the evening light. After the quickest of dress changes, it was on with the business of cutting the cake and the first dance. Not everyone looks forward to the latter, but as far as K&L were concerned they could have been dancing in an empty room…this was a moment to be enjoyed together to the most.

Congratulations Lynsey and Kalil, it was a very special day to be a part of, and thank you for having me along for the ride!


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