The Spread Eagle, Midhurst
Emelia & Joe

December 9, 2017

‘Thank you so much Richard they are gorgeous!!! Oh my gosh, you are a genius!’

What a year it’s been so far! I’ve shot weddings all over the south of the UK including Suffolk, Devon, Kent, and the Cotswolds as well as heading to Sweden (in the thankfully warmer month of August) to document some frankly awesome couples and their big day of celebration and love. It was great to be back in this neck of the woods though, as I haven’t been down to West Sussex in a few months and it’s one of my favourite parts of the country.

The day however started near Farnham, just a short drive away from the church where Emelia and Joe were to be married. As you’ve probably already spotted, it was a beautiful December’s day…the perfect backdrop to a winter wedding. Once Emelia and her posse had prepared at the family home, it was off to church where naturally there was a festive atmosphere already with it being so close to Christmas. It was a gorgeous ceremony too, with Father Niven’s great sense of humour being the perfect antidote to any potential nerves.

After the ceremony, it was off down to The Spread Eagle in Midhurst, West Sussex which turned out to be one of the cosiest and appropriate locations for a winter wedding that I’ve been to in quite some time. And of course, dinner, drinks, and dancing were all part of the festivities once everyone was settled it. The perfect aperitif to Christmas celebrations if you ask me…

…congratulations Emelia and Joe!

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