Searcys, The Gherkin
Vicki & Rob

Way back in March 2020, I shot Emma and Loz’s wedding in the gorgeous Cotswolds. That would prove to be my last wedding for several months due to the outbreak of what would become a pandemic. Fast forward two and a bit years, and I find myself on the roof of London shooting the wedding of Vicki and Loz’s brother, Rob. Two impossibly photogenic locations, and both polar opposites. In some ways, it feels like only a matter of months separated the two, yet it also felt like a decade given how much the world has been through since 2020.

The day for Vicki didn’t start at The Gherkin, it started at another illustrious London landmark, The Ned. Formerly a bank in the heart of the city, The Ned just oozes style the moment you set foot inside. The tempo was super-relaxed as soon as I met up with Vicki, so I was all set for a chilled start to the day. Or so I thought. Enter Vicki’s trio of friends who brought with them an abundance of laughter, a frenetic pace, and a good appetite. Well someone had to attack the two trolley loads of smoked salmon and other goodies…

When Vicki was all set and ready to go, I headed on foot to The Gherkin. Once past security and scanners (I didn’t see that at Loz’s Cotswold wedding!), it was just a matter of a couple of leave-your-stomach-behind elevators, and the final climb to the top of The Gherkin. Wow. Just wow. I’d already been to Searcy’s at the top of The Gherkin for my morning recce, but the wow-factor didn’t seem to diminish upon a second visit. Added to that, the skies were blue and the hustle and bustle of guests arriving was in full flow.

After a wonderful ceremony on the roof of London, we all headed down a floor for a few reception nibbles and drinks, and more importantly, a good catch up. Meanwhile the very top floor was being prepared for dinner.

Dinner was kicked off with a speech made by Vicki’s father, and followed a little later by Rob himself. Then came Rob’s ‘Best People’ i.e. his brother and sister. If there’s anyone who has license to drop you in it on your wedding day, I couldn’t think of anyone more qualified than a sibling or two. There’s rarely any secrets kept between a family like this. Thankfully for Rob, they spared his blushes and presumably saved all of the real dirt for cocktails upstairs later.

Once speeches were complete, we headed downstairs again while the top floor was prepared for the evening’s party. Whilst cocktails were being lined up on the bar there, downstairs was playing host to a seven tier doughnut cake, with dozens more doughnuts just to be sure. Awesome! The party kicked off a short while later, with a superb band that really got the place lit up along with the setting sun. I couldn’t think of a more impressive backdrop in the UK to kick off the evening’s celebrations.

Congratulations Vicki and Rob, you’re an awesome couple and it was a unique day to capture!




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