Pennyhill Park
Jayne & Adam

June 4, 2021

‘All of the family had nothing but positive words to say about you. Adam and I said it ourselves, it felt like you were an old friend. You really managed to capture the day for what it was – relaxed, low-key and fun. The style is exactly what we wanted and the blog just confirmed we made the right choice.’

Any good scientist knows that you should change as few variables at any one time when experimenting/discovering the origins of the universe/planning a wedding etc. So whilst Jayne and Adam were having their wedding plans involuntarily experimented on (courtesy of the government and the ubiquitous Coronavirus), they had no choice but to shift the date and location from November at The Royal Berkshire Hotel in to March 2021 at Pennyhill Park and then June 2021. The irony is that the variable that remained the same from the start was the number of guests that were due to celebrate alongside Jayne and Adam. A total of thirteen was all the couple ever wanted but we still needed to get past Lockdown Vol II.

The green light was eventually given and so on June the 4th 2021 Adam, Jayne and their closest of family descended upon Pennyhill Park to celebrate the long awaited tying of the knot. Once I had familiarised  myself with the baffling and sprawling layout of Pennyhill’s hotel rooms, I was able to easily switch between Adam and Jayne as they prepared for the day ahead. Everyone was so very warm and welcoming which always makes it that much easier to be a fly on the wall, and that sentiment carried on amongst us all for the rest of the day.

The ceremony itself was held in the library which was to be HQ for the rest of the day. Our shelter away from the classically English drizzle and our intimate space for dinner and speeches.


After the ceremony and the much needed hug-fest, it was time to crack open the bubbly and catch up with family both old and new. Games (read keeping the kids entertained) was a major theme of the afternoon, but truth be told I think the grown ups probably enjoyed that a little more once a couple of glasses of concentration juice had been imbibed.

The sun didn’t exactly come out after dinner, but it tried damn hard and that was more than enough to go outside for a few shots of family together and of course the couple themselves. Fact: very few couples look forward to the prospect of being photographed not least by a guy they’ve only met a couple of times. But it always ends up being WAY more fun than anticipated, and the same went for Adam and Jayne.

Congratulations Adam and Jayne, we got there in the end and it was well worth the wait! 🙂

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