Pelham House
Georgie & Sam

April 19, 2022

Georgie and Sam’s big day at Pelham House was another postponed wedding that was well worth the wait. They are such a lovely couple and it was so nice to finally meet them in person after all of the spanners that Covid had been throwing in the works.

The whole day was to be at Pelham House – other than a quick stroll to the castle for a few photos – and so I met up with Georgie and Co in the Bridal Suite as they prepared for the day ahead. Meanwhile the boys arrived a little later after a quick shandy at the pub and then attended to a few last minute details.

Soon enough guests started to arrive and after a short meeting with the registrar, it was time to head across the courtyard and to the ceremony. It was an emotional moment as Georgie and her Dad rounded the corner to walk up the aisle, and this was balanced out by a moment of levity (literally) as the ring-bearer showed off his party piece. If you’re in any doubt of a youngster being reliable enough to take care of the rings, you can always count on an owl to deliver the goods right on time. No, seriously.

Once the ceremony was complete (and the best man had fully recovered from being the target for said bird of prey) we all headed outside for confetti, a few drinks, and then a short stint with G&S at the castle just before dinner.

Speeches were certainly a highlight of the evening, and it led beautifully into the evening reception, and the party. It was a fantastic day, thank you having me there!

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