Old Luxters Barn
Lucy & Michael

June 23, 2018

‘Oh Richard, they are just INCREDIBLE! Thank you SO much again…we just cannot wait to see all of them :)’ – Lucy & Michael via email

I’ve heard lovely things about Old Luxters Barn in Oxfordshire, but until Lucy and Michael’s wedding it’s a location that I’d never got around to shooting at. And what a lovely day for it too!

Lucy started getting ready with her entourage of Bridesmaids and family at her and Michael’s home in High Wycombe. Everyone was so friendly and it was just a joy to shoot this part of the day…a happy-go-lucky feel to it from the off! Once the dress was on and everyone there had had a chance to admire it and let those emotions out, it was time to head for the barn. The ceremony itself was of course poignant at times but laugh-out-loud funny on occasion too.

Reception drinks in the courtyard were most welcome on what was quite a hot day and then once the barn had been turned around into a beautiful dining room, it was time for everyone to take their seats. A little later I took Michael and Lucy for a stroll and some photos in the vineyard shortly before the speeches which were brilliant…just brilliant and ended with a perfect musical touch written and performed by the best men.

The evening provided a chance for everyone to get some fresh air before the party started. And it kicked off with some gusto!

Congratulations to Lucy and Michael, it was an amazing day!

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