Notley Tythe Barn
Naomi & James

March 12, 2022

‘Currently out for dinner and crying into my napkin. The blog and the pictures are bloody incredible! Thank you so much for capturing such special and natural scenes!’

It was a beautiful (and blustery!) day in Buckinghamshire and as far as sun and blue skies were concerned, we couldn’t have asked for more. For James, Naomi, and their son Jenson, the day was a welcome opportunity to share something special with their loved ones after such a long spell of lockdowns and isolation.

The girls prepared for the big day ahead at James and Naomi’s family home. From a photographer’s perspective, it’s so heart-warming to be around this sort emotion and excitement, and 2022 looks like it’s going to be quite a year. Naomi, her family and friends were so much fun to photograph from the off, and when Saff practiced a bit of an aerial floral display I knew this wouldn’t be the end of that.

The boys got ready just a short distance away and the atmosphere was equally light hearted. Ties and pocket squares naturally took more than one attempt per man (I can’t remember the last time I put on a tie), but once it all came together it was time to head for Notley Tythe Barn where friends and family awaited.

The Tythe Barn couldn’t have looked more welcoming when we arrived at this beautiful hillside spot. And then came an evil rumbling. I’ve been a car nut ever since I can remember, and one of my all time favourites along with the obvious poster choices of a Countach, F40, and 959 was The Bad Ass which is a 1969 Dodge Charger 440 R/T. So whilst Steve McQueen went side ways (and often aerial) around San Francisco in a Mustang, the bad guys he was chasing were in a Charger. I digress. There’s a good reason why this sort of moving monument to thunder was picked as Naomi’s wedding car, muscle cars have simply been in the family and an integral part of it for a very long time. I really love that.

Once Naomi had arrived and we had finished (for the time being) poring over the car, it was time to head over and prepare for that very special moment. The ceremony was preceded by a floral demonstration as referred to earlier, and then Naomi and her Dad arrived.

After a beautiful ceremony everyone headed outside for a catch up and some fresh air. Given how fresh the air was, that didn’t last very long so James, Naomi and I headed off for a few shots of  just the two of them. As I said, we were mostly VERY luck with the weather, and having capitalised on that and a random barn with all sorts of clutter and just the right light, we headed back inside.

Speeches started towards the end of dinner with a bit of a Mr and Mrs shoe game to round things off beautifully. There was a pause after dinner, with kids having access to energy supplements for the night ahead, which kicked off with James and Naomi’s first dance.

Congratulations Naomi and James, it was a very special day and awesome to be a part of!


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