Notley Abbey
Nikki & Daren

May 11, 2019

‘Oh Richard you wonderfully clever and talented man (and Ben of course)! We have been eagerly awaiting this email. You have captured our day perfectly – thank you so so much. I cannot wait to see the rest!!’

It was great to be back in Buckinghamshire for Nikki and Daren’s Notley Abbey Wedding, an amazing day with some awesome people to photograph! It was one of those days when the forecast is intentionally vague. Was it going to pour down at just the wrong moment or were we going to get an early taste of the Summer? Either way, the registrars made the call to perform the ceremony inside rather than in the garden just to be safe. However the backdrop to the exchanging of the vows was all the more atmospheric for it.

Nikki started her day at Notley Abbey by getting ready with her Bridesmaids and her daughter in the Bridal Suite upstairs. Time has a habit of flying by on a wedding day, and sure enough Nikki and her entourage were ready before you knew it. The ceremony itself was extremely emotional and it was a joy to photograph (not least when little Ava decided to join in on more than one occasion).

Apart from a shower than lasted the length of time it took for everyone to rush inside, reception was perfect and mostly outside (!). After friends had a chance to catch up and the happiest of couples had been congratulated, it was time to head inside. Another series of emotional moments to photograph during the speeches and it’s times like this that act as a constant reminder as to why I love my job so much.

Next came the first dance/the removal of heels (Bride not Groom)/getting down on the dance floor for a proper party. The wedding party didn’t disappoint and it was the perfect end to an amazing day.

Congratulations to Nikki and Daren…and Ava of course!

Thank you to Ben Renshaw for second shooting on the day, looking forward to shooting many more with him!

Notley Abbey Wedding Photographer – Richard Galloway

Notley Abbey Wedding Photography

Wedding guests arriving at Notley Abbey

notley abbey wedding guests

Family moment at a wedding

kids at weddings

View of Notley Abbey front lawn

Flowergirl having her hair done

Closeup of Bride's makeup going on

The Bride's daughter needing a drink

Bridesmaid keeping the flowergirl occupied

The pageboy reads with the flowergirl

Wedding dress hanging up as Bride gets ready

Flowergirl putting on her shoes

Kids reading together before the wedding

Silhouette of Bride putting on wedding dress

Bride having her veil attached

Bridesmaids' reactions to the dress going on

Bride and Father of the Bride before the ceremony

The Bride hugs her father

Having a glass of champagne before the wedding ceremony

The flowergirl looking at her mother in her wedding dress

The Bridal party leaving for the ceremony

A Groom looking reflective before seeing his Bride

Bride walking up the aisle with her father

Bride and Groom during the wedding ceremony in Notley Abbey refectory

The Bride and Groom with their daughter

The family look on during the wedding ceremony

Bride and Groom getting married with daughter in the background

Groom looking at his Bride to be

An emotional Bride during the vows

The flowergirl straightens the dress during the ceremony

Handing over the wedding rings

You may now kiss the Bride

Bride and Groom hug during the wedding ceremony

Just after kissing the Bride

The flowergirl looking at a Bridesmaid's shoes

Bride and Groom walking up the aisle

The Groom's reaction just after getting married

Mother and daughter

Welcoming guests to the wedding reception

Father of the Bride with Bride in the foreground

Curious kids at weddings

Friends having a laugh at a wedding

Notley Abbey courtyard

The Bride catches up with friends

Reception drinks at Notley Abbey

Sunny day reception at Notley Abbey

Alternative group shot at Notley Abbey

Notley Abbey refectory ready for the wedding breakfast

Wedding cake decorated with flowers

Wedding guests taking their seats for dinner

Kids at wedding

Vape break

Bride and Groom making an entrance

Bride and Groom walking into dinner at Notley Abbey

Guests taking their seats

Bride with her guests

Evening sun at Notley Abbey

Boys messing about at a wedding

Kids taking pictures at weddings

Sharing a joke

Dad prepares for the father of the bride's speech

Father of the Bride's speech

Groom's reaction to the speeches

Wedding speeches at Notley Abbey

Bride and Groom enjoying the wedding speeches

Groom's wedding speech

Tearful mother during the speeches

The Groom's speech

The boys about to receive gifts during the speeches

Bride's reaction during the speeches

Bride's speech at Notley Abbey

Groom's reaction to the Bride's speech

The Best Man's speech

Groom's reaction to Best Man's speech

The Groom and Best Man hug

Bride and Groom with their daughter

Bride and Groom couple shoot

The Bride and Groom kiss

Bride and Groom during the couple shoot

The Bride and Groom laughing during the posed shoot

A young boy walking in on the couple shoot

Family pictures

Family portrait

The flowergirl running around in the evening

Wedding guests sharing a joke

Kids at weddings

Child getting the tickle treatment

About to cut the wedding cake

Cutting the wedding cake

The first dance at Notley Abbey

Wedding first dance

First dance at Notley Abbey

Bride and Groom dancing with parents

The happy couple dancing with their parents

The Bride takes her heels off for some dancing

The Bride dancing with friends

Bride and Bridesmaids dancing

Kids dancing at a wedding

Kids joining in the wedding party

Friends dancing and having fun at Notley Abbey wedding

kids at weddings

Party time at Notley Abbey

Wedding dancing at Notley Abbey

Bridesmaids dancing

Dancing at Notley Abbey wedding

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