Notley Abbey
Elizabeth & Elliot

Thunder, rain, and a bit of scattered sunshine here and there. The forecast for Elizabeth and Elliot’s Notley Abbey wedding wasn’t exactly ideal. There were more than a few nervous looks out of the window as the clouds started to look threatening, but as the preparations moved closer to the ceremony, any concerns simply evaporated. After all, it was always going to be a joy-filled day so whether the weather played ball or not, inside or out it was going to be a belter of a day.

David (my trusted second photographer) started the day with the boys, while I was upstairs as the girls got ready. Distracted by the will it/won’t it weather related concerns they may have been, but the mood was always upbeat and effervescent. Elsewhere, the boys tried to remember how to don a tie – nothing a little help from an app can’t sort out.

After guests had arrived and caught up, The Monk’s Refectory started to fill up as people took their seats for the ceremony. The stage was set and it was time for Libby to make her way downstairs along with her entourage…

The ceremony was emotional, but was also littered with laughter and I get the feeling the mood pretty much summed up Libby and Elliot. Given that the heavens had not yet opened, the guests greeted the couple after the ceremony with a confetti toss, just before the heavens opened up…this, however, was a short burst and before you knew it everyone was outside again, sunnies on, having a glass of something and figuring out how to play croquet/chess/jenga. You can’t beat the weirdness of a British summer.

Dinner, preceded by speeches, marked the start of the next chapter of the day. The speeches ranged from tear-jerking emotion to laugh out loud hilarity, and were delivered impeccably. This really paved the way for a very special evening.

After stepping out for a few couple shots, it was time to kick off the party. There are ceilidhs and there are ceilidhs, this was the latter. It started as you’d expect (organised chaos fuelled by gin/wine/beer/your weapon of choice), but it continued in a way I have not seen before. Think relay racing, only each team moves as one, and the athletes have replaced electrolytes with wine. You get the picture. It was messy, chaotic and downright awesome to photograph.

Congratulations Libby and Elliot, what a lovely couple and an absolutely superb day! Thank you for having me along.


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