Northbrook Park
Polly & Arjun

The last time I shot an Indian/English wedding it was in back in July, and it felt like those who had made the long journey from southern Asia had brought the blistering heat with them. Not that this detracted from the day – if anything it added to it – but Polly and Arjun’s wedding took place on a day where one could actually breathe without the need for shade. The middle of September is often a fine time of year for a UK wedding and so it proved for A&P on what turned out to be a very special day.

Upon arrival I made a beeline for Arjun and his entourage. The pace was frenetic. When it’s as full-on like this and everyone’s in a mad dash to shower/change/figure out bowties on time, I’m often met with apologies for the bedlam as soon as I arrive. No need. I’m so completely in my element when it’s like this, and there is ALWAYS something to photograph. After the bowties had been figured out, I headed over to Polly who was preparing in the main house. Polly adopted a much more pragmatic approach to getting ready which was to start early and avoid any last minute race against the clock. The mood was as calm as it was reflective and the perfect antithesis to the rollercoaster ride of the boys’ preparations.

A short while later guests started to arrive with Arjun there to greet them. If the day had been easy thus far for Arjun, it would become a little trickier as he would have to negotiate his way inside. After a little to and fro, the ladies blocking his way were bribed to their satisfaction and it was on with the show. I absolutely love these customs and it’s often a real highlight for me as everyone gets properly stuck in.

One highly emotional and fun-filled marriage ceremony later, and it was up to the ladies once again to make Arjun show his true devotion to his new wife. This time the boys (and Polly!) negotiated their way outside, before being covered with confetti. A sunshine soaked reception followed, allowing the couple a chance to take it all in and catch up with friends and family.

I love Asian wedding for many reasons. Some of which are emotional, whilst others are photographic. I’m not going to lie and say that my stomach doesn’t get a little excited at the prospect of an Asian wedding too. The aromas drifting from the kitchen during reception were proof enough that this was going to be a very enjoyable feast for the wedding party – and a few peckish suppliers when the timing was right.

When dinner was ready to be served, Polly and Arjun made their way into the dining room to the sound of rapturous applause and the raucous beat of the dhol drummer. A little while later and after the Milni tradition in which gifts and garlands were exchanged between families, speeches and the party were the order of the evening…

What an awesome day it was for Polly and Arjun, and an absolute pleasure to photograph. Thanks for having me along and congratulations!


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