Northbrook Park
Katie & Mike

June 27, 2021

‘What a lovely surprise! We are in Devon on a mini honeymoon and just got in from the most glorious dinner to see your beautiful photos! We are over the moon with this collection and it was an absolute pleasure to have you there.

My Mum hasn’t stopped showing your blog to people since I sent it to her. She says she cries every time she looks at the pics again!’

‘I just wanted to check in with you and let you know that we are still planning on going ahead with our wedding on the 27th June (providing we are allowed to!) even if that means significantly reduced numbers.’ January 31st 2021

As it turned out – after many a political twist and turn since January – Katie and Mike were allowed to go ahead with their Northbrook Park wedding, and with the kind of numbers they were planning to have in the first place. I’m not going to go into how numbers would or would not have affected their celebrations, because Katie and Mike were SO laid back about the day and everything that it entailed, rather preferring to focus on what the day actually meant regardless of how it would pan out. This was going to be about the two of them taking the next step in their lives together.

Katie and the gang prepared for the day in the apartment upstairs, just a stone’s throw from where the ceremony would be held. If I hadn’t known that Katie and many of her friends were involved in Showbiz before, then it would have become apparent very early on. This was a superb bunch to be in the middle of as they sang, danced, and laughed their way towards the 2pm ceremony.

Did I mention that this was a laid back wedding? The boys clearly were enjoying the moment from the off, and their chief responsibilities were to conserve energy for the main part of the day, not to burn any shirts whilst ironing (!), to grab a couple of cold ones and to not drop the baby. The mission was a complete success.

As the ceremony drew closer and the guests started to arrive, Covid protocols were explained and observed and seats were taken for the main event. The ceremony was brimming to the top with emotion (ahem Katie!) and it was a good thing that boxes of tissues were thought of in advance, they were needed. What was also a lovely touch was a few words by a friend and minister at the end of the ceremony, some heartfelt sentiment adding to an already emotional experience.

Confetti was duly applied to the couple just before a very English drizzle set in for long patches of the day, and so it was off to the Orangery for canapes, close-up magic from the smart-as-a-whip Mark Goldthorp, and a couple of glasses of bubbly for good measure.

After a wet reception, dinner was served along with some very emotional speeches. Mike’s twin brother and Best Man didn’t drop him in it TOO much so all survived unscathed. I don’t believe Mike was at all nervous for the speeches (either his own or his brother’s), but I was fairly confident that the only daunting part of the day might happen a few hour later, specifically the First Dance, but more on that in a bit…

So your wife is a dancer and actress, has been in many a West End production, and has danced with the likes of The English National Ballet. This is why the standing ovation at the end of The First Dance was mostly aimed at Mike. Not only did he completely nail it, he thoroughly enjoyed it too. But I reckon that the multitude of congratulations (not least from the troupe of dancers in the crowd)  was more about how much he had put into this before the big day, a very special wedding present in itself.

Congratulations Katie and Mike, what an awesome wedding after so many months of uncertainty. It truly was a Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious day!

And yes, I did have to copy and paste that one…

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