North Mymms Park
Melissa & Yiannis

This was always going to be a hell of a wedding. Way back in 2012 I was privileged to photograph a huge Greek Cypriot wedding in London and it was riotously good fun. Eleven years later, Marita and Richard were guests, and it was Marita’s brother Yiannis and his gorgeous fiance Melissa who were to be wed. Eleven years may seems like a long time, but the memories of an awesome party are still clear in my mind. Now it was Yiannis and Melissa’s time to play host so it was just a matter of time until the dance floor was jumping (yes, I genuinely got air many times).

Rewind a few hours, and whilst Yiannis prepared at his parents’ house for the big day ahead, Melissa got ready with her gang at North Mymms. It was the perfectly chilled start to what was going to be a frenetic day…

Despite an unseasonably cool start to the day, after much refreshing of mobile screens fixated on weather apps, the decision to hold the ceremony outside was a go. Sunny it may not have been but that didn’t matter a jot, in my mind it was a beautiful afternoon.

Once reception was coming to a close, it was off to the pavilion for dinner, speeches, and partying…plenty of partying. Whilst some headed up the drive, others were content to queue for the multiple shuttle buses and save their legs for the dance floor.

Stomping on the dance floor and dinner consumed (in no particular order) by the time the speeches were underway. It’s quite something to get up in front of several hundred people and pour your heart out, but quite honestly every single one of them could have been practicing in front of one or two friends. That’s how genuine and honest the feelings that were conveyed came across. If there were any nerves, they were hidden extremely well.

Speeches led immediately into the first dance, the party that was visibly conducted by the performers, and then by the DJ who got the Greek traditions underway. All of it was epic. Being a fly on the wall and to capture all of this intergenerational joy and passion is something that I’ll never be able to fully describe. I hope at least my pictures will go some way to filling in the blanks…

Congratulations Melissa and Yiannis, a fabulous day and a very special couple.


Joanna Deroukakus

These are great! You captured the day perfectly.

Thank you Joanna! It was such a fantastic day, it so much fun to capture it all.

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