Millbridge Court
Laura & Josh

Skin-treating face masks, steaming the wedding apparel, and a check in the mirror before greeting friends and family. And that was just the boys…

It was a frenetic start to the day for both The Boys and the Bridal Posse at Millbridge Court. Just the way I like it. It makes hiding in plain sight a doddle so you can just get to the business of photographing those real moments. Whilst the boys got ready for the day ahead, Laura and Co prepared for the big day overlooking where the ceremony was to take place. Short of a minor heart-in-mouth situation where Laura’s shoes emerged from their box with a large-ish stain on one of them, all went completely according to plan – a certain dedicated friend along with a makeup bag were the heroes of the moment when it counted!

After that brief hiccup, it was time to head downstairs for the main event…

The stage was set, so when the moment was right L&J’s friends and family piled into the ceremony room before Laura’s all important walk up the aisle. The ceremony itself was tearful one moment, and laugh out loud the next. It was just that kind of day, and more was about to follow.


After a thankfully dry reception it was time to head into the dining room for dinner and speeches, and eventually the party.


Once the couple had finished their first dance, you couldn’t hold people back from mobbing the dance floor. Like I said before, it was just that kind of day.

Congratulations Laura and Josh, a magical day shared by so many!


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