Smiths of Smithfield
Jen & Sebastian

March 17, 2018

Wedding Photographer London

‘We are thrilled with the pictures! We look forward to seeing the rest when the USB stick arrives. Thank you!’ – email from honeymoon.

One of a wedding photographer’s favourite obsessions is the weather…and the continuous checking of weather updates leading up to a wedding. ‘Oh wouldn’t it be nice if we just had a light dusting of snow for our wedding!’ is something I’ve heard a few times and on more than one occasion they got an absolute dump of it. They survived, but it made things a little tricky for them and their guests! Seb and Jen on the other hand said no such thing and thanks to the Gods of Jinx/Karma or whatever you want to call it, they avoided catastrophe and got…well, just a light dusting which pretty much melted away instantaneously.

It was such a fun day that I don’t think anyone would have paid much attention if it was unseasonably hot or arctic cold. It all started at Zetter Townhouse in Clerkenwell where the girls got ready before the big day ahead. Once they were ready to go and the very sensible decision of taking a taxi to church rather than walk it, they moved on to St Bartholomew the Great, the oldest church in London which was founded in 1193.

After a beautiful ceremony in an equally stunning location, it was time for the couple and their guests to brave the chilly arctic breeze and make their way to the top floor of Smiths of Smithfield, a bit of a London landmark if you’re a keen carnivore. But then again, it’s directly opposite the Smithfield Market which is the UK’s largest meat market so it’s a given that the wedding party were going to be treated to an awesome steak.

Speeches followed dinner and then it was time for the four piece jazz band to lead the way into the night with a nicely stocked bar and a view of St Paul’s Cathedral as the perfect accompaniments.

It was a wonderful day! Congratulations to Seb and Jen!

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