Lillibrooke Manor
Hannah & Alex

April 23, 2022

‘We just arrived in Mexico so still grinning madly! Thank you so much, we were saying just yesterday how great you were and now have had a look at some photos I’m even happier. Thanks so much for this truly wonderful blog post, love it.


“Just wait until you start photographing Alex, he’s erm…very expressive.” This was music to my ears as one Bridesmaid gave me a little glimpse of what was in store for the day ahead. Music to my ears, because I was already having an absolute ball capturing all of the chaos and extreme joy that was filling Hannah’s parents’ house. This was going to be a good day.

The girls yo-yo’d from hair dresser to makeup artist and back again, with the occasional graze or writing of a note in ‘The Book’ when time would allow. Things started to wrap up just after midday, so it was on to Lillebrooke Manor where Hannah would make her final preparations.

Upon arrival at Lillibrooke Manor, Alex and the boys were putting the finishing touches to the dining room before heading outside to greet guests. It was a beautiful day as everyone caught up with old friends and family, with people having travelled from all over the globe.

When Hannah walked up the aisle with her Dad towards a beaming Alex, you could see why so many wanted to be here no matter the distance. These two just sparkled with something I can’t really put my finger on. A Jerry Maguire reference coming so my apologies, but clearly Hannah and Alex complete each other, the room positively lit up when they saw each other for the first time on April the 23rd.

After a hugely emotional and fun-filled ceremony, it was on with the job of confetti-lobbing and enjoying a catch-up on the lawn. Other than Alex nearly being upended, the reception went as planned and everyone had a thoroughly good time in the sun.

When the sun finally conceded, it seemed like a good time to head in for dinner and speeches. The first of which was delivered by Hannah’s Dad. I say speech, but the first half of it was more of an immersive experience than anything, with unsuspecting guests taking part on occasion. I could have sworn I heard Hannah exclaiming through her laugher to her sister, “You’ve created a monster!!!” as he took the floor by storm, presumably referring to another Father of the Bride’s speech he made a few months earlier. This was a man on a mission and he nailed it.

A little later it was Alex’s turn to pick up the mic and take in the moment. And that he did. As with all three of the speeches that day, it was a beautiful balance of laugh-out-loud humour and well timed poignancy. No wonder his final words were met with such applause, it was a moment that they’ll never forget.

Another pause to eat a little something was followed by a few shots of the couple before the light faded, and then it was time to head in for the Best Men’s demolition of Alex. Actually, it might have been just as funny and well timed as the previous speeches, but Alex and his reputation were left in tact by the end of it all so no harm done.

A lineup of very local DJs was the next order of the day, and once the gremlins between laptop and mixing gear were figured out, it was DJane (Hannah’s Mum) who kicked off proceedings. Once the first dance merged into the party, everyone just got stuck in. Alex and Hannah didn’t need to encourage people to hit the floor, it was just that kind of day. But just in case, they partied their arses off anyway. 🙂

Congratulations Hannah and Alex, an unbelievably fun day and one that will be remembered for a VERY long time.


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