Leez Priory
Carrianne & Tim

November 23, 2019

I can’t believe that having shot over four hundred weddings this was actually my first time shooting a Leez Priory wedding. As historic as it is beautiful, this was one that I was really looking forward to. And of course it helps if you can throw into the mix elements like it being a crisp sunny day with blue skies, a really REALLY nice couple, and a Chinese Lion Dance to kick off the party in the evening…

Once I had done my early afternoon recce (it was a relatively late 4pm ceremony), I joined Carrianne and her bridesmaids as she got ready upstairs. Andrew Miles, who I’ve worked with several times this year, was there to capture the boys as they prepared for the big day…

With the dress on and all preparations having been made, it was time for Carrianne to head downstairs for a quick chat with the registrars. Her Dad then escorted her to the ceremony.

After a very relaxed reception it was time for dinner and speeches, which preceded a few shots with the couple at ‘The Tower’. Sounds ominous, but I couldn’t think of a better spot for Andrew and I to get some night shots of a very happy couple.

Cake, dance, Lion Dance. And in that order. What a way to kick off the evening’s celebrations and given their martial arts backgrounds it was the perfect way to get the party started.

Congratulations Carrianne and Tim, what a great day!

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