Laura & Myles

November 14, 2021

First things first. Syrencot is gorgeous. I mean with a capital GOR. It’s only an hour away from me, yet until the 14th of November it hadn’t popped up much on my radar. This might have something to do with the fact that since its grand restoration, Syrencot’s role as a fabulous wedding venue was rudely interrupted by the pandemic. Like all other wedding suppliers that I’ve chatted with during the 2020 wedding season, they’re raring to go. It seemed everyone there had a spring in their step and smile on their face.

When I knocked on the door of the wonderfully airy Bridal Suite, Laura and the gang had a similarly sunny disposition. It’s just the sort of crowd you instantly feel right at home with. A scattering of youngsters either at full pelt or focusing on some screen time consolidated that feeling. I could have been kicking back at home with my own motley crew.

As time marched on, and the finishing touches were applied, we got ever closer to the moment that matters most. So dresses were donned, and after an emotional moment between Laura and her father, we started to head over the Glasshouse where Myles and the wedding guests awaited Laura’s arrival.

The ceremony {spoiler alert} was an emotional one, occasionally interspersed with moments of pause to reflect. There were the readings, the moment rings were exchange, and then there was the time that a reading got left in another building altogether so The Best Man had to leg it full tilt, find said script, and place it in the hands of Myles & Laura’s children. No pressure on the kids then. Truth be told, they cruised through it effortlessly and for want of a more descriptive phrase, they even appeared to enjoy it. A very special series of moments which I’m sure will live long in the memories of everyone there, not least this very lovely family of four.

Confetti was the first call to action after Laura and Myles tied the knot, so once the kids had wound themselves up sufficiently for the big event, the couple headed out for the bombardment. Given the ever decreasing temperature as Autumn fades to winter, we were only outside for a short-ish period of time. But no matter, heading over to the near end of The Great Barn was the perfect spot for friends and family to catch up…and I just LOVE the bar area of the barn, they really did a fantastic job when they put they were going through the design process. Thrown together at the last minute, this was not.

Having rounded off reception with a few photographs of Myles and Laura taking a moment away from it all, we headed into The Barn for dinner and the speeches. Always one of my favourite moments of the day, and this was no exception. You could certainly feel the warmth and that continued well after the speeches had concluded. The constant congratulations and displays of emotion were heartwarming every time.

After some time out at the bar, it was time for the party which of course was kicked off by the First Dance. It was the perfect way to say goodbye to the day, and hello to the evening’s celebrations and what a relaxed and heartfelt day it was. Thank you for having me there to capture it all, it was very special to be a part of your day.

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