A Marquee Wedding in Surrey
Izzy & Max

July 31, 2021

‘You really have captured the day perfectly! The photos and words you have written on your blog are gorgeous and we can’t stop looking at it! It made the last night of our mini moon perfect, scrolling through and seeing how much happiness the day was filled with. Thank you again so much!’

No hiccups, no dillying (or dallying), not even a “Sod it, let’s just elope when the time is right!” moment. No, Izzy and Max’s wedding happened pretty much as they were hoping and expecting when they started planning it back in the Summer of 2020. I’m sure it wasn’t exactly plain sailing as nobody could have predicted whether or not the 31st of July 2021 would be a viable date given all that’s happened since the Spring of last year, but the wedding happened on their first date of choosing and that’s got to be a rare thing these days.

Izzy and her entourage got ready at her house which was just a ten minute drive from the church. I felt right at home as soon as I arrived there, not just because of the warmth of the welcome, but also because (judging by the scattered memorabilia) Max too was a long suffering Arsenal fan, a man after my own heart. Anyway, my football allegiances aside, it was a cracking start to the day and emotions were in full flow by the time the wedding dress was donned, and it’s impossible not to feel it too when the bridesmaids start to flap manically to try to stop the flow of tears.

Once we (me included) had pulled ourselves together, it was off to St Margaret’s Church in Chipstead for the main event…

So I’m not sure if these things come in pairs or threes, but I could have sworn that the moment Izzy started to well up during the ceremony it started to absolutely tip it down outside. I’m talking South-East Asia monsoon levels of rain, but fortunately this turned into classic English drizzle by the time we headed outside after what was a VERY emotional marriage ceremony. So once the tears had been wiped from faces, yours truly had grabbed his poncho from the car during one of the hymns, and the guests had fought it out over the umbrellas, confetti was ready to be applied to the couple. Then it was a quick jump into the Bentley, and back to a marquee reception at Izzy’s Grandparent’s house…

After a damp but joyous reception, it was time for dinner and the speeches which were all delivered perfectly to rapturous applause, explosive laughter, and the odd tear or two.

There are parties and then there are parties. This was the latter. It’s not surprising really that after 18 or so months of uncertainty, people are going to want to let their hair down, so I’m expecting many parties this year to follow the same path as Max and Izzy’s. Plenty of dancing juice, plenty of raucous moves on the dance floor, and lots of love being shared and expressed. All of these things have been waiting patiently for months and with a bit of luck we might see quite a lot more of it from now on.

Congratulations Izzy and Max, an awesome wedding and an emotional day. Thank you for having me along to capture it all!

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