Islington Town Hall & The Tokenhouse
Julie & Kostas

September 25, 2021

I think the part of Kostas and Julie’s big day that summed up why I love photographing weddings was the speeches. Specifically, when Julie’s mother, brother, and sister said a few words. And those words were in French. And then English once the text was passed on to decoder Number One. And then Greek by decoder Number Two once translation part one was complete. And then back into French for paragraph two. Of course, this often sparked hilarity, but there was a more poignant side to this which is what will last longer in the memory. The notion that, despite the need for the words to be deciphered many times over, what transcended all of this was a common element that many of us are lucky enough to experience. Love. Words of course are a means to translate this emotion into something almost tangible. A way of expressing the one thing that’s sometimes the hardest thing to express. At this table though, and listening to these wonderful speeches, it wouldn’t have mattered if you were tuning into Greek, French, or English…the love and friendship that Julie and Kostas have for each other was there in plain sight. A look could have shown a bystander all they needed to know.

Julie started this fantastic day at their apartment, and the preparations were low-key and relaxed. If I haven’t yet met a couple before shooting their wedding (which has often been the case due to Covid), then the early part of the day is always a useful moment to figure out what the vibe of the wedding is going to be. Julie (and Kostas a little later) were absolutely charming from the off so I instantly knew this London wedding was going to be right up my street.

After Uber-ing our way to Islington Town Hall, I nipped across the road to The Vineyard to meet Kostas who was just polishing off a pint before meeting up with the registrar. Having carefully timed his run so as not to bump into his wife-to-be, Kostas headed over to the town hall to meet up with friends and family who were starting to gather, and before you knew it, it was Go Time!

Now that the ceremony was complete, confetti had been hurled, and the Best Man had intercepted the bouquet, the three of us headed off for a short London stroll to get some pictures before heading back to The Vineyard for a few drinks.

A bus ride was the next thing on the list as we headed off for our final destination, The Tokenhouse. It was a great change of pace too, with that wonderfully imposing architecture yet the warm welcome and an intimate dinner downstairs.

I’ve already mentioned the speeches (just a tad!) so I won’t go into yet more detail, other than to say they were a real highlight of the evening and a VERY emotional series of heartfelt words. The party started back upstairs with a first dance followed by some squid-dancing (or was it octopus?)…don’t ask, it’s a family thing! Kudos to Kostas for making the attempt.

Congratulations Julie and Kostas, this was a wonderful day and I’m so pleased I was there to capture it all!


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