Islington Town Hall
Charlotte & Edmund

Jackson Pollock once said that ‘Love is friendship set to music’. Clearly Ed and Charlotte got the memo.

On October the 15th 2021 certain establishments within the London Borough of Islington were filled with music, love and friendship to the point of bursting. Not really surprising given how many musicians there were in and amongst C&E’s friends and family, and it was clear to see just how integral a part of their lives music is. Of course, like any wedding, there were more solemn chapters of the day too, and I am of course referring to Survival of The Sparkliest but we’ll get to that in good time…

The morning started at Charlotte’s parents’ house, just a one minute walk from Islington Town Hall, so no pesky London logistics to wrestle with. With a little bit of expert timing, Ed was able to drop by undetected by his Bride-to-be, and before you knew it he was off out the door to continue his to do list. Charlotte meanwhile, with the ceremony getting ever closer, was seeing to a few finishing touches before donning her dress. The Great Gatsby, eat your heart out…

Before you knew it, it was time to head across the road to the Town Hall. Ed was meeting and greeting as guests arrived, and the first of many musical surprises was being setup in the background with presumably Ed and Charlotte none the wiser. The ceremony itself pretty much summed up what I observed all day between C&E…plenty of laughter between them, and a love built on the strongest foundation of friendship. They made finding your soul mate look easy, and effortlessly so

Once the ceremony and confetti attack were complete, there was a ten minute stroll to The Hemingford Arms. What a unique and characterful place it is, and it just seemed to be the perfect fit for such an occasion. Speeches were made, pints of The Black Stuff were ordered, cakes were cut (cheese and regular!), guitars were played, a cappella pieces were sung with passion and humour, and the buffet never stood a chance. Not a bad way to kick off the celebrations, and this was just the start.

And so, the famous Second Wind. One pub down, one bar to go. And so it was off to The Hoxley and Porter – home of awesome cocktails, some proper dance-floor classics, and on this occasion sparkles. Lots and lots of sparkles. Not one to be outdone, Ed had carried out due diligence on this important matter, and sure enough made his second entrance looking as sparkly as he probably felt on the inside. Charlotte’s jumpsuit looked pretty good too. It really was a superb final chapter to what was a fantastic day.

Congratulations Charlotte and Ed, you owned October the 15th and I’m just chuffed that I was there to capture it all.


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