Home Wedding, Hampshire
Sophie & Josh

September 11, 2021

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again. I LOVE home weddings. Maybe it’s something to do with it being your own patch that means the whole day is just that little bit more meaningful. Once you’ve got your head past the not inconsiderable amount of landscaping, gardening, logistics (including sleeping arrangements for close family), communiques with marquee hire/caterers/florists/musicians/the church/transport…it’s a doddle. But at least you get to celebrate in your own space.

When I arrived at the family home I was greeted immediately by Sophie’s mother. I felt at home straight away. If the to-do list was still looming (and most likely growing by the minute), then it certainly didn’t feel that way given how warm a welcome I received from anyone and everyone I bumped into. After the mountain of freshly cut sandwiches had beaten the odds and survived and the usual difficulties with the buttonholes had been overcome, it was time to don the dress. With no shortage of helpers, Sophie elegantly completed the finishing touches and before sharing a poignant moment with her father. Once I had captured this special moment, it was off to church…

The ceremony was held at All Saints Church in Martin, and it was a beautiful afternoon from start to finish – that always makes a photographer’s job just that little bit easier. Sophie arrived shortly afterwards and headed into church accompanied by her father. After a moving ceremony, the newly married couple snuck around to the side of the church whilst the ushers got everyone organised for the confetti barrage. If at least one of the couple isn’t still picking the stuff out from their hair by halfway through reception, then the confetti-run was either poorly executed or there wawsn’t enough in the first place. Sophie & Josh’s guests ensured that the correct protocol was closely adhered to.

Reception seemed to whizz by, but that wasn’t really much of a surprise as it felt more like a large garden party for those who had spent so much time apart. Given the last 18 months or so, that seems about right to me, and all weddings since have felt a lot more intimate regardless of the actual number of guests present. Once the cutting of the cake had been safely negotiated, it was time to head into the marquee for dinner and speeches so the three of headed off for a few intimate shots whilst guests found their seats.

After three of the most eloquent and quick witted speeches that I’ve enjoyed of late, the ‘roaming band’ kicked off the evening’s entertainment, matching the home wedding vibe perfectly.

Congratulations Sophie and Josh, and thank you again for having me there for such a special day!


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