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Georgia & Matt

From Banghra to Bikers, this week had it all. Only five days earlier I was photographing an Indian/English wedding and the abundance of colour, sounds, and tastes that you’d expect to go with it. Fast forward and I was ready to photograph G&A’s home/DIY/Festi-wedding on an equally beautiful day minus the excessive heat. This was just as much my cup of tea too. Bikes, V8s, Pizzas, and doughnuts…you could say it was a tribute to a few of my favourite things.

When I arrived at Georgia’s family home, I had an instant smile on my face. The driveway was awash with V8s…the ‘let’s just get there in one piece’ Ford Galaxie accompanied a ‘blow your hair off’ rat rod, whilst the more mature Jag decided not to get involved. Very sensible given how things would turn out later.

In a more serene part of the property, Georgia and the girls prepared for the day ahead, whilst Matt and the boys later conceded that they too would have to get ready at some point. I always love it when the couple get ready so close to each other, as I often get to have a unique perspective of both sides of the same coin. Anyway, after everyone was ready, Matt and the boys headed off on an assortment of bikes as well as one of the ‘sensible’ four wheelers, leaving the Galaxie behind for the Bride Squad.

Next stop Christs Hospital School for the ceremony. Given that bikes the were already parked up when the guests arrived, it was no hardship for anyone to find the right location. Just as well, as CHS is a large sprawling place to the uninitiated. My early morning recce was, as always, completely justified.

After a beautiful ceremony in the thankfully cool Court House, it was time to get kitted up and head back to reception. Aside from a bike that decided that it had enough, which caused much head scratching and multiple bump start attempts, we were off. Ok, so it was a quick pint on the way home first for the bikers, and THEN reception.

Reception was really more a party and a celebration of a few things that a reception. Georgia and Matt’s first day of their next chapter, good food, great drinks, awesome music, and the best of company.

After a few short speeches the Land Doughver got into some intense pizza making which lasted for hours. Blissful. The rest of the evening went a little like this: More pizza, pints of ale, enjoyment of evening sun, a Tenacious D singalong, ragging a V8 or two (on private property I might add), doughnuts (not of the edible variety), and the party which was kicked off with the First Dance. You might think that everyone would be a little tapped out to party by this point. They weren’t. It was an energised start to what was one hell of an evening.

Congratulations Georgia and Matt, that was one AWESOME wedding and I’m so chuffed to have been able to capture it all!



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