Hedsor House
Siobhan & Callum

July the 14th was just before the heatwave really kicked in – or in other words our ten days of actual Summer was upon us and the Red Tops were going beserk with their usual comparisons to the weather in Ibiza, Marbella, Greece, the Gobi Desert…

It was cooler upstairs where Siobhan and her entourage were getting ready, but things were hotting up fast. Judging by how frenetic and relentless the chaos was (with moments of singular and collective shows of emotion), this was going to be a poignant and fun day.

Just down the corridor from where the girls were getting ready, Callum and Co. were doing the very same thing, and before long it was time for the ceremony downstairs. After the boys had welcomed the guests, Siobhan and her Dad made their way down the stairs to join the rest of the Bridal Party.

As I hinted before, the ceremony was just one of many emotional moments and after Callum and Siobhan had made it through their vows, they headed outside for bubbles and bubbly.

Dinner and speeches were next on the agenda, so after everyone had had enough of topping themselves up with a little Vit D we all headed inside. The speeches came thick and fast and they were as emotionally eloquent as they were laugh-out-loud funny.

Almost the moment the final speech was met with applause and group hugs, it was on to the cutting of the cake and the First Dance. Given how perfect a day and evening it was, Siobhan and Callum headed outside for a few photos after the party had kicked off.

Thank you for having me along Callum and Siobhan, it was so great to be back at Hedsor House. Many congratulations to you both!

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