Hedsor House
Kim & Josh

Oh how I was looking forward to Kim and Josh’s Hedsor House wedding. Take one awesome couple, throw in a stunning location fit to be a film set (which it has been multiple times!), some luck with the weather, plenty of friends and family up for a really good time, and some adrenaline-fuelled, sweaty, crazy, BRILLIANT traditional Jewish partying…it’s always going to be a recipe for quite a day. But let’s rewind a bit to the beginning…

Kim got ready upstairs in the beautifully lit and wonderfully decorated Bridal Suite which is one of many beautiful rooms that Hedsor House has to offer. She was joined by friends and family who just had the best time getting pampered whilst watching guests arrive through the windows. A short while before guests started to arrive in droves, Josh turned up with his entourage to get ready before getting their heads around the chuppah and the signing of the ketubah.

When all the preparations had been finished, it was time for Josh and the boys to greet guests and enjoy a little cocktail or two…not a bad way to kick off the celebrations. A little later Josh, and his closest friends and family went off to a private room to sign the ketubah, which of course is a very old Jewish tradition which precedes the ceremony. Now that Josh was ‘away on official business’, it was safe for Kim to join the reception and say hello to a few people.

The ceremony itself was just beautiful. Laughter, tears, and plenty of super-expressive celebrations at the end…right up my street. Immediately after the ceremony, Kim and Josh headed outside for a few intimate shots not least because Kim wanted to place a ring on Josh’s finger too – a very special moment that only myself and the photographers were privy to. What followed next was the part of a Jewish wedding that I look forward to the most, the partying. I won’t even bother describing this as the pictures will probably do a better job!

Dinner and speeches followed a very sweaty dance-fest, and afterwards it was time to cut the cake and continue with yet more partying. I’m breathless just thinking about it, but in a good way obviously. What a fabulous, FABULOUS day…congratulations Kim and Josh!

Thank you to David Cliff for shooting alongside me, always great to work with such a talented photographer.


Fantastic shots, you were exactly what we wanted on the day.
Thank you so much!

Thanks Josh, it was a fantastic day to be a part of!

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