Great Fosters Surrey
Alex & Tom

September 29, 2018

‘I’m lost for words – those pictures are magical. Thank you for being part of our big day and capturing everything so beautifully.’ – Alex via email

‘Richard – these are incredible. Fantastic, fantastic job.’ – Tom via email

Alex and Tom’s wedding fortuitously landed on a Saturday in September which was nothing short of beautiful. Blue skies, mild temperatures and just as importantly, wind-free! It was the perfect backdrop to an amazing day which started at Alex’s family home where Alex prepared for the big day ahead. It was then on to church in a gorgeous E-Type (about the coolest car in existence) before heading to the historic Great Fosters for reception drinks, dinner and of course the party. And donuts. Lots and lots of donuts. But you have to eat them without your knees touching the floor, and no hands of course. The party kicked off in the evening and it was the perfect end to an amazing day.

Thank you Alex, Tom, and all of your friends and family for having me along, it was a joy to be a part of such a special day. Congratulations!


Just such an amazing day so thrilled to be part of Tom and Alex most special day. Thank you. You two are so amazing. Fondest love always. Linda and Cliff xx just fab 💋

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