Great Fosters
Chelsea & James

September 30, 2021

I’ve shot many a wedding this year at which it was the first time I had actually met the couple face to face. Teams, Zoom, Whatsapp and Skype were all de rigeur from 2020 onwards, but you just can’t beat meeting an actual human being rather then messing about with settings/cameras/mics/invites that don’t seem to give a functioning link etc. In many cases, I’ve just found that going old-school and using a thing called a telephone works a treat. This was the case with Chelsea and James and we left the real ‘getting to know you’ bit to the wedding day itself. And like every other couple who I’ve met this way over the last few months, I instantly felt the warmest of welcomes as soon as I arrived.

Having negotiated what is a bit of a maze of rooms at Great Fosters, I found Chelsea and her bridesmaids in the thick of things. After a bit of yo-yo-ing between the girls and the boys, things started to pick up pace until before you knew it, it was time to head down the old wooden stair case and on to The Orangery for the ceremony.

Instant Chemistry is how I would best describe it when Chelsea and James laid eyes on each for the first time that day. If you couldn’t tell that by the way their eyes met, you sure could by the emotions of their nearest and dearest. The ceremony was rounded off by confetti and it was then time to head to the bar next door and start the celebrations. Towards the end of reception James and Chelsea joined me outside for a few shots in the late afternoon light.

Dinner and speeches was up next, finished off by the best man’s speech who managed to expertly walk that narrow path between singing the groom’s praises and royally dropping him in it. The cutting of the cake, the throwing of the bouquet, and the first dance got the party started.

It was a fabulous day with proper character and it was a joy to be there to capture it all! Thanks again for having me there C & J, and congratulations!


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