Four Seasons Hampshire
Clara & Dan

December 10, 2021

Clara and Dan’s wedding at The Four Seasons Hotel & Spa in Hampshire was most certainly a family affair. It started off as an intimate day with their closest friends and family (not least their two children), and it turned into a greater gathering of friends come the time the evening’s celebrations kicked off.

Should Clara or Dan have been curious about the weather before their wedding, they would have been better off checking the shipping forecast. Upon looking at the opening photographs below, one might assume that it was a cold and crisp December morning. Replace ‘crisp’ with ‘arctic’ and you’d have a better idea of just how the combination of temperature and stiff breeze added up to a mightily cold day. Hats off to Clara and Dan for braving the weather for a few photos outside, but we’ll get to that later…

Clara and her daughter started the morning with the Bridal Crew in a suite just a minute’s walk from where the ceremony was to be held. Meanwhile, Dan, his son and the entourage enjoyed a relaxing drink in the bar in preparation for the big day ahead. As always, the preparations flew by and in the blink of an eye Dan found himself at the end of the aisle in front of his guests and waiting for the lovely Clara to join him.

After a laugher-filled ceremony it was time for a few canapes, a few drinks, a bit of messing about time for the kids in the empty ballroom, and a few pictures of the happy couple. As I mentioned before, we managed to withstand the cold for a few minutes before common sense took over and we mutually agreed that doing anything else outside was nuts. So instead, we went on a little explore around the hotel and found just what we were looking for, a perfect combination of light and backdrop. A short while later it was time for dinner and speeches…

After dinner and speeches it was time for the second wave of friends and family to join in, and after a bit of time to catch up over a few drinks it the band got the party started. It was a fabulous start to the final chapter of such a very special day. Thank you again for having me along, and congratulations Clara and Dan!

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