I thought I’d devote a little blog space to my two children…after all, it’s not all work, work, work as a wedding photographer! With that said, my wife Sarah, seems to think I moonlight as a caped crusader (although there’s not a lot of call for that in Frimley Green, Surrey) as she’s now frequently referring to my office as The Bat Cave.

This winter gave me a chance to not spend every waking hour in said lair with it being a slightly quieter time of year. Mind you, all that really means is that I’ve been shooting a smaller clutch of weddings per month rather than every single weekend (and sometimes it’s twice a weekend in the warmer months). And then there’s album design, attending photography conventions, assessing new suppliers to the market, checking out the latest version of LightRoom… enough already!

So Noah is my soon-to-be two year old son, who’s just dying to conjugate/sky dive/get a Masters in Music Therapy and Art History/throw his toys into every crevasse the house has to offer and other such manly pursuits befitting a young gentleman of the 21st century. But for now, we’ll just work on eating without painting the kitchen table in le plat du jour and the art of saying ‘Please’, ‘Thank you’, and ‘Actually, do you mind if I don’t?’.

Of course, it’s easy-ish to wax lyrical about one’s offspring, so I shall. He’s a bit of a dancer (alas he either inherits this from his father or has been studying me carefully in the kitchen), he’s got a wonderful smile and he’s simply the happiest toddler I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, and he’s just plain hilarious. He does have a grouchy side but I’ll save that for another post…

Charlotte is my lovely 5 year old daughter, and whilst some of you may think of that as a bit of an oxymoron, I’m programmed as a parent to only remember the good things and erase all tantrums and fits of emotional blackmail-laced acrimony. She’s learning to read at a startling pace and she’s speaking French as well as she speaks English (Sarah’s Belgian so it’s not just pushy parent syndrome!).

So Christmas came and went, and I think it was Charlotte’s first Christmas where she really got into the spirit of it. It was great to see her getting excited about it as Christmas was a lot of fun Chez Galloway circa 1984-1997 and I really want for my children to experience the same sense of fun and anticipation.

Of course, we get to warm up for the Christmas festivities a little early every year as Charlotte’s birthday comes around every November. So short of donning large floppy shoes, exploding trousers, and applying ridiculously excessive sun block to my face, it was my opportunity to be the town clown to entertain C and her friends from school. Ok, so it was more like Chief-of-Tidying as the party moved from one room to the next and Party Co-ordinator Extraordinaire (pressing play and pause during frankly manic rounds of musical chairs/musical statues/pass the parcel).

Meanwhile, Noah slept through the entire ordeal…unprecedented given the pack-of-Hyena-like racket going on for four hours straight. I doff my cap, sir!

This winter gave us a chance to pop along to Chessington Zoo which is always a firm favourite with the Galloway clan (although C spent more time banging on bongos than exchanging pleasantries in Lorikeet Lagoon) . Acrobatic monkeys, farting hippos, nonchalant tigers and a tactically placed gift shop on the way out in order to amplify an already exhausted couple of children…who could want for more? It was a very special day out and I’m sure we’ll be back for more very soon.

Anyway, I hope that gives a little insight as to how this wedding photographer from a corner of Surrey lives his life when not in his Bat Cave. And if you see a cheeky monkey running around the primate enclosure singing ‘Farting Hippos, farting hippos’ you’ll know who to blame..

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