An Intimate Surrey Wedding
Ellie & Barnaby

August 22, 2020

‘Thank you so much we love them so much. It was amazing and thank you for being there to photograph it!’ – Ellie

So…where were we? It’s been quite some time (not surprisingly!) since I’ve shot a wedding because of you-know-what, but Ellie and Barnaby’s wedding was the perfect tonic once the powers that be allowed weddings to take place once more. Never in all my life have I heard the word ‘intimate’ thrown quite so many times into wedding related conversations, but this is the way things will be for the foreseeable future. And if this wedding is anything to go by then I’ll be looking forward to many more intimate weddings over the coming months…

The day started at Ellie’s parents’ house, and I was immediately greeted with the warmest of welcomes. Obviously social distancing measures were a key ingredient to a successful day and this had all been taken care of – from a multitude of hand sanitisers scattered around the house to various social bubbles having designated washrooms. Every i was dotted, every t crossed.

Whilst Ellie and her closest of friends and family prepared both themselves and the garden for the reception later, her father made sure his classic Elf was ready to go without any hiccups. There was just such a wonderful atmosphere, probably partly down to the relief of just being able to get on with having a wedding after all these months of waiting for the next government guideline!


Once the preparations were complete Ellie headed off to church where an eager Barnaby awaited his future wife. As you would expect, seating was carefully thought out, sanitiser stations were at the ready, and face masks were abundant. After a beautiful and somewhat emotional ceremony, a distanced confetti run, and a quick meet ‘n greet, it was time to jump into the Elf and head back home for a garden party.

Dinner and speeches were delivered with perfect timing, and emotions ran high – something a photographer always loves! And once Barnaby had got over being handed his old ‘blankie’ during the best man’s speech, the three of us headed off to enjoy a little ‘golden hour’ session on Telegraph Hill. What a fantastic way to end a day that I’d been looking forward to for quite some time! I can’t wait for other ‘intimate’ weddings that I’m photographing over the coming months.

Congratulations Ellie and Barney, and thank you for having me along to photograph such a brilliant day!

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