Eastnor Castle
Charlie & Tim

‘The blog is amazing and captures the real essence of the day for us, and I absolutely love how you’ve captured the emotions and real life of it all. I don’t think there’s a person in the hospital I work at who hasn’t seen them! We are so pleased we chose you and again, thank you so such for everything you did on the day, and for the beautiful photos that we will cherish forever!’

The last time I ventured to Eastnor Castle in Herefordshire, it was a damp October day in 2020 with the wedding party being limited to just fifteen people due to the global spread of Covid-19. Despite this, the day was a resounding success and was a poignant reminder that the human spirit is not quite as brittle as some of the press would have us believe. Fast forward nearly three years and the circumstances might have changed – perfect weather and a guest list unburdened with government restrictions – but the spirit of the day remained untouched.

Charlie and Tim were to be married in church just a short walk from the castle. They prepared a corridor away from each other in the castle itself with David Cliff (my second shooter for the day) covering Tim and his friends with their meticulous preparations whilst I was with Charlie and the girls. It was a great day from the off, and the sense of excitement was almost tangible…

After guests had taken their seats and the Guard of Honour had done a dry run, we awaited the arrival of the Bridal Party. The ceremony itself was as smile-inducing as it was moving, and blessed with a sunny afternoon to greet them, Charlie and Tim emerged as husband and wife.

Dinner and speeches followed in the main hall with all of them providing hilarity and emotion. Special praise goes to Tim’s Best Man who didn’t quite capsize the honour of The Groom, but he expertly sailed as close to the wind as conditions would allow. Both Tim and Charlie were still smiling by the time we went for a few photos that evening so that’s always a good sign.

To use the word ‘always’ seems like a bit of a blunt generalisation, but you can often count on military weddings to be riotously good fun come the time the band kicks off. With Charlie and Tim leading the charge from the first dance, the rest of the party didn’t disappoint. If someone’s not trying to balance a double whiskey on their head mid-dancefloor, or going for a ride atop some poor sod’s shoulders then the band should be playing louder. Turns out the volume was just right.

Congratulations Charlie and Tim on a wonderful day and all that it meant to you, thanks for having me along!


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