A Dorset Marquee Wedding
Izi & Dave

February 8, 2020

My first wedding of 2020, and what a gorgeous day Izi and Dave had for it! The sigh of relief from all concerned was repeated just 24hrs later when Storm Ciara struck. So on a beautiful winter’s morning, I headed off to Tarrant Gunville in Dorset to do what every wedding photographer must surely do, the recce. This wasn’t what you’d call a logistical nightmare as you could almost see the house and marquee from the church were it not for a hedgerow or two.

Once I had the lay of the land and had wolfed down the obligatory energy bars, I joined up with Izi and her friends as they got ready for the big day ahead….

image of a cottage in dorset photo of a towering wedding cake photo of a wedding platter photo of a wedding hall photo of a bride getting her hair done photo of a bulletin board photo of a woman getting her makeup done photo of a woman smiling in the mirror photo of a trespassing signphoto of women gathering outfits photo of women laughing together photo of a woman dressed in a wedding gown photo of a woman in a wedding gown photo of a bride

The marquee was now ship-shape, the food was being cooked to perfection, and the wedding dress was donned. When I arrived at the church plenty of friends and family had descended upon St Mary’s C and everything was starting to fall into place. Izi, her father and the rest of the Bridal Party then made the very short walk to an awaiting Groom.

When the ceremony was complete, Dave and Izi were pelted with confetti before leading the entire party to the marquee where bubbles and canapes awaited. That and a sly peek at a bit of Six Nations Rugby on a mobile phone when no one was looking.

Having caught the last of the light for a few shots of the very happy couple, it was time for speeches which of course were introduced by Izi’s father. Dinner followed, and it was a wonderfully intimate set up for all to enjoy. A couple of hours later it time for the first dance to kick off the evening’s celebrations…the perfect way to round off the day.


Congratulations Izi & Dave, you’re an awesome couple and it was truly a fabulous day!


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