Dodmoor House
Gemma & Mike

November 5, 2021

‘Well all I can say is you’ve just had me in tears again!!! In a good way of course, but definitely rolling tears again!!! These are amazing Richard we love them. Thank you for telling such a beautiful story and capturing it so well. Tears to tequila is a great story to tell!

Thank you for being there and being part of it for us.’

The 5th of November was a grey day in the midlands, but at Dodmoor House for Gemma and Mike’s wedding, the mood was anything but. Tears were shed, tequilas were slammed, and the dance floor was severely punished.

Gemma arrived at Dodmoor before midday along with her entourage, whilst Mike and the boys timed their run in order to avoid G&M bumping into each other. It was a totally relaxed start to the day for both parties and the boys settled into a few beers, whilst the bridal party had a prosecco/pampering session. Once all the guests had arrived and caught up with each other, they were ushered into the ceremony room before Gemma and her dad made their way there. For personal reasons to Gemma and her family, moments like this were expected to be highly emotional, and indeed they were. I wasn’t the only one fighting off a lump in the throat, and it was yet another reminder as to why sharing a milestone like this is so important.

After the ceremony was over and Gemma and Mike were officially the new Mr and Mrs, the wedding party piled outside for a few reception drinks. Towards the end of reception Gemma and Mike went for a short stroll for a few photos before speeches and dinner. As I mentioned before, the speeches were likely to be tear jerkers and they were. This in part, was as good a reason as any to get in a few tequila shots before the party. There’s only one thing more amusing than photographing Tequila Slammers, and that’s Tequila Face that follows promptly afterwards.

Once dancing-fuel was acquired, it was time to pound the dance floor courtesy of The Ashmore Brothers Band who were as talented as they were affable. They were great entertainment who I’d thoroughly recommend! Naturally the dance floor was a hazardous zone if you didn’t have your wits about you, but with a bit of dance-dodging it all went swimmingly. As did the day. Gemma and Mike, thank you for having me there to shoot such a great day, and congratulations!

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