The comments below were made by couples who voted for me in the 2016 Wedding Industry Awards Ceremony. The comments were added to the TWIA website anonymously and are from weddings that I shot in 2015.

General Comments

“Richard understood what we wanted and he listened to everything we asked for. He was so organized, so polite and so professional. He merged into the background on the day, he didn’t harass us for pictures and set ups he literally documented the day from start to finish asking us occasionally to work with him for a few of his classic wedding shots. We loved working with him and have recommended him already to some friends who have signed him up. We are so relieved we went with him!!!!

Richard delivered everything we were hoping for and more. Every contact with him was highly professional and consultative and the quality of the end product was exceptional. His photographs perfectly captured the day in a non-intrusive day – we barely noticed that he was there and yet he has captured intimate moments perfectly in beautifully composed shots. Richard was also able to offer great advice when our original venue burnt down shortly before the planned date. We would highly recommend him.

Richard Galloway provided the prefect service as a wedding photographer. He was careful to get the ‘staged’ shots we wanted but effortlessly blended into the background for the rest of the day to get the more natural shots we had asked for. He captured every element of the day perfectly and every single guest – not easy when considering there were over 100 for the event. We are very pleased with the resulting shots and have asked for copies of every single one to share with family and friends.

Richard was one of those perfect photographers that wasn’t seen or heard on our wedding day. His manor and attire on the day was extremely professional. In the build up to the big day he was always on hand with advice if we wanted it but then likewise he would politely offer suggestions if he thought necessary.

I was thrilled with Richard’s pictures, he captured every special moment of my day and was always so helpful to the build up to our wedding day. Richard was a true gentleman to work with and I couldn’t recommend him enough from start to finish.

We hardly noticed Richard during the wedding reception which is just what we wanted. I didn’t notice him at all during the speeches (again what we wanted). We didn’t want lots of posed photographs or to be whisked away for a ‘photo shoot’ , which he respected. Richard is very unintrusive and didn’t boss us or our guests about!


After trawling through websites Richards stood out from all the others. His photos are natural and capture the love and happiness of the day. When we met him we were in no doubt that he would be our photographer. He was friendly, calm and interested in getting to know us and our family so to ensure he captured pictures of all the important people. On the day he was fantastic, he was not intrusive and the photos capture all the special moments perfectly.

On the day Richard was so subtle I barely noticed he was there but he captured the essence of the day and all the important shots at the same time. All of my guests were very complimentary of both his handling of the posed photos and the final products that I’ve shown them. I adore his modern documentary style that makes you feel as though you’re a wall on the wall at your own wedding when you look through the photos.

From the first meeting with richard we were very happy with his friendly manner and way he made us feel comfortable. We were able to communicate regularly with him during the whole process to ensure all needs were met in the ever changing wedding day planning! richard showed attention to detail going to the venue before the day, to get a good idea of the best positions and vision. During the day he and his partner fit into the event seamlessly and were perfect guests. Thanks for everything.

We had a fantastic day and Richard has caught this in all his photos. We barely noticed him around. He talked to us in advance to see what we were after!

I found Richard to be thoroughly professional with excellent communication skills throughout the whole process. On the big day he blended seamlessly into the crowd of guests and was incredibly un-intrusive in his manner. We we’re so pleased with the end result.
We could not have hoped for anything more! Richard immediately understood what we were about and what we were hoping for from our wedding photographer. He was so ralexed and easy and fun to have there on the day. He gently guided us through every step of the day making no demands – totally invisible at times and always in the right place at the right time. We are absolutely thrilled with our wedding photos – everything we wanted and more!

Richard is professional, personable and his photography is excellent and unique. He was so discreet at our church ceremony that I didn’t even know he was there. He was subtle and took mine, my husbands and all of our guests feelings in to consideration. A true gent with a great eye for photographing the moment.

We are so happy with our photos and were surprised how many there were, because most of the time we didn’t even notice Richard. He was everywhere and nowhere and that’s exactly what you want from a photographer. On top of that he’s very nice and it was great working with him.

Richard was extremely professional, worked hard at our wedding to get the coverage to tell our story. Most importantly he was discreet when taking photo’s and not intrusive at all. He was pleasant, polite and smiled all day, using the right moments to capture our photo’s.

Richard was an absolute pleasure to work with every stage leading up to and during our wedding day. He took on board everything that we said and made both of us feel at ease. On the day Richard was fabulous, we hardly noticed he was there, which was so relaxing as I was nervous about how un-natural I might be knowing a photographer was present. We have loved every single picture and can’t believe how every moment was captured in such a wonderful way. I can’t thank Richard enough for being so FAB.

Richard was a perfect photographer throughout the entire process. He went through everything we wanted very thoroughly before the day, met us at each venue to get an idea of what we wanted and where we wanted certain parts to take place. He blended into our wedding day so seamlessly we barely noticed he was there, yet he completely captured the spirit of the day and creates a range of photographs that were artistic, traditional, modern and unique. He exceeded our expectations in every way!

Richards photography style was exactly what we wanted, natural shots that really capture the true emotions of the day. We have a fantastic set of photos that tell the story of our day. Richard has a great eye and the photos are artistic without being staged.

Due to being camera shy my aim was to ensure that I had a photographer that could take beautiful pictures without being intrusive. Therefore Richard’s values really mattered and the main reason I decided to contact him in the first place. Also the beautiful relaxed style of photography was exactly what I wanted.


Why They Booked

Richard made us feel very at ease and shared the same vision for the wedding day we did. He filled us with confidence in his personality and attitude.

Richard had a very relaxing disposition at a time when that is exactly what you need! His ability to take the words right out of my mouth made me feel that he knew how to execute what I wanted. The example albums were beautiful and very personalised to the couple, I didn’t want a set format or a carbon copy of someone elses shots or album.’

We really liked the style of his photos on his homepage/blog.
Because we were very impressed with his portfolio and his style was exactly what we were after; someone to capture the atmosphere and pick up on all the little moments going on around us. He also made us feel totally at ease and assured us that he worked in a way to capture the day as it happens, rather than stage shots.

I was really impressed with Richard’s website at first instance and then once I had a look at his work I knew I wanted him to do my wedding. His work is wonderful and so natural which is exactly what we wanted, and what was delivered. I also found his price great value for money! Even with a second photographer. Would definitely recommend Richard to friends who are due to get married.

We really liked the photos on Richards Blog and were confident he would capture great photos for us on the day.

I am a documentary TV maker and so liked his style of photography.

I really like the way Richard manages to catch the spontaneous moments, most of which the bride and groom were probably unaware of the day. He has a great eye for composition and use of light.

After reviewing a few blogs from local wedding photographers we liked Richard’s style of photography the best, and then realised a couple of friends had used him too. After one very long distance phone call we were completely confident in our choice and booked him straight away.

We were introduced to Richard as one of the venue recommended photographers. We booked with Richard because of his visible track record in taking great wedding pictures and because it was highly reassuring to know that he is an expert in his field from the first moment we spoke to him.

His photos capture the natural beauty of people and the event. It’s not over posed and unnatural like so many photographers I looked at. He as a person is exactly th right person to have around on a hectic and emotional day – he was calm and friendly all day.

We liked his not posed style for photos.

Richard was very professional and was very responsive to my emails and again due to Richard’s style I found exactly what I wanted.

Style of photography – different from most other wedding photographers – slightly quirky – great angles/ shots captures. Love the reportage style.

Richard was attentive, understanding and his pictures were just what I was looking for in a photographer.

Professional, smart, warm and talented.

Because I really liked his personality and the professionalism with which he replied to my emails, created a special package to suit our requirements, came out to our venue to actually see it months before the wedding when it was a two and a half hour drive from his home. We saw all his images online before hand and knew that was the style we wanted. He listened to everything we said and created a style for our day that he knew we were after. His style is subtle and he documents the day in such a way that nothing is missed. I could see he was an artist not just a photographer. And this is the difference between Richard and lots of other photographers out there. He is an artist with the most spectacular eye, and captures the day in images, each one, a piece in its own right.

Following Botleys recommendation we met with Richard. He showed us some previous wedding shoot and we knew immediately he woudl deliver exactly what we wanted and provide an excellent record of the event for us to enjoy in the years to come

We were recommended by a friend who used Richard for their wedding, for the reasons above.

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