Coin Laundry, Exmouth Market
Grace & Vincent

May 28, 2022

‘Thank you, you are a genius! The pictures are alive, we laughed and we cried, you captured the spirit of the day and our guests so well. The humour and lightness was exactly what we hoped for, with some poignant moments too. Thank you for everything, we are so happy with the results.’

The screech of tyres, the disputes between drivers, the angry hand gestures. Whilst Grace and friends were keeping an extremely keen eye on the Monaco F1 Qualifying, it was outside on the streets of London where things were escalating over a mis-placed maneuver. Aside from a disgruntled cyclist outside, and fanatical fans inside, it was a very relaxed start to the day for Grace and Co. With the odd moment of paradox popping up unannounced amidst the oasis of calm and preparation, I was in my element.

When all were ready, and with time to spare, we all jumped onto the classic Routemaster and made our way to Marylebone Town Hall for what would be a very special moment in G&V’s lives.

After a beautiful ceremony, Grace and Vincent headed outside to a traditional toss of confetti. There was plenty of time for a good catch up, before we all were all whisked away to Coin Laundry for reception. To allow all of their guests in first, Vincent and Grace went for a short stroll around Exmouth Market.

The evening was lightly scattered with cocktails, speeches, over-exuberant dancing (should there be any other kind?), mouth-watering food, sensational doughnuts, a ton of group selfies, a photofilm of classic memories, a macarena-on-steroids, a bouquet toss, and one Dirty Dancing Finale attempt (you know the one), that could have gone so, SO wrong…but didn’t. It was awesome.

To Grace and Vincent, thank you for having me along for such a memorable and generally awesome day, and congratulations!!!

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