Clock Barn
Vicky & Dave

April 15, 2022

April the 15th felt like the first wedding of the Summer for me, given how perfect the weather was when I arrived. If it wasn’t for the kids scrambling for goodies during an Easter Egg hunt, you would have been none the wiser.

As has been the way with 2022 weddings, there was just that extra 10% of a reason for all invited to let there hair down and appreciate the opportunity to catch up. This would clearly be the case when the surprise singing waiter took us all from the poignancy, tears and laughter of the speeches to conga lines and New York, New York sing-alongs. It was one hell of a way to whip up a crowd.

The day started for Vicky with a little bit of Prep & Prosseco in the Bridal Suite at Clock Barn where everything moved along and a nice relaxed pace. If there was any stress or nerves, it was hidden extremely well. After the dress was on and the final details were seen to, it was time to head off for a chat with the registrar before walking up the aisle for the main event…

After lapping up a wonderfully sunny afternoon, dinner was announced so we all headed inside. Speeches of course were an integral part of dinner, and tears and laughter were expressed in equal measure. Then came the entertainment and it didn’t disappoint. Almost every chair was empty by the end of it, and the whole scene really just projected us into the next chapter of the day.

After a few golden hour shots of Vicky and Dave it was time to hit the dance floor, and it was the perfect way to start the evening’s celebrations. It was a wonderful day, so thank you to Vicky and Dave for having me along and congratulations!

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