Cain Manor
Smriti & Ben

July 6, 2019

‘Thank you so much for the quick work on these. We already absolutely love the shots that you’ve taken/shared and how you’ve captured the day! Some really special shots in there for sure, and we didn’t even notice either of you on the day. What we’ve seen so far is exactly the kind of thing we were hoping for – in fact surpassed.’ Smriti & Ben


What a gorgeous day it was for Smriti and Ben’s Cain Manor wedding! It’s always great to go back to the most boutique of wedding venues, and it ain’t half bad if the weather falls into line too.

Smriti’s day at Cain Manor started upstairs in the Bridal Suite, and it was a very calm and relaxed introduction to what would be a fantastic day. Once Smriti and her entourage were ready, it was time to head downstairs to the Music Room where Ben was eagerly waiting to get married! The ceremony was just beautiful and those vows were something else…poignant, heartfelt, and laugh-out-loud funny on occasion.

Cocktails and Bubbly awaited the couple and their guests once the knot was tied, and as I said earlier, it was a pretty special day for it. Reception was at a nice slow pace which I always love, giving me just that little bit more time to photograph those moments between moments. Dinner and speeches followed which can always be counted on to bring out the most emotional of moments, which of course I love!

After dinner, the couple and I went for a little stroll to get some more intimate photographs, and the evening’s such a nice time for the couple to get away from it all for a short while. Once we got some pictures it was time for the party to be kicked off by the First Dance which was the perfect way to round off such a special day.

Congratulations on a wonderful day Smriti and Ben!


These photos are amazing! You have captured the most loving moments for those who were not able to be there!! Much love to Smriti and Ben. Pri

Thank you for your kind words Pri, they’re very much appreciated. R

Every moment captured so very well, Richard! Please be available for both my daughters wedding, whenever this happens. Anu

Thank you Anu, and it would be an absolute pleasure to photograph any future weddings in the family. And if they happen to take place in India/abroad I’d be just as keen, I do love a destination wedding! 🙂

Simply fantastic, a lifetime record of fond memories captured by a master. Thanks so much for including all those who graced the occasion, in such an apt manner.

Thank you so much Shashi, I couldn’t begin to describe how much that means to me. R

Thank you Shantha, it was fantastic to be part of such a special day

Absolutely fantastic photographs! Thank you so much for embedding the day in our hearts forever!

Thanks Vino, your comments mean a lot to me. R

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