Cain Manor
Ashley & Tom

November 3, 2018

‘Your photographs and the way you see a wedding are magic! I find your work to be most genuine. We had the most amazing day and you captured it beautifully.’  – Ashley via Instagram

‘You’ve been the best and were a huge part of making our big day so incredibly special for us. Thank you, thank you, thank you!’ – Tom via email

Ashley and Tom’s wedding was the second in a row that I’ve shot at Cain Manor recently, and it ain’t ‘alf a gorgeous backdrop to tie the knot. Unlike last time however, the sun actually decided to come out which was nice of it…

Tom and Ashley timed their runs to Cain Manor in the morning perfectly (so they wouldn’t run into each other of course), and once Ashley was safely tucked away in the Bridal suite along with her gang, then along came Tom, the fellas, and not least his future stepson. Ties were knotted, presents and personal notes exchanges (via third party couriers!), Jimmy Choos gawped at, and the dress was donned…so, on with the show! And it was an emotional one too, with Ashley’s son walking her down the aisle. There’s always one or two moments at every wedding where I almost lose it…this and the rest of the ceremony were those moments.

Once eyes were dried then it was on with reception, champagne and a quick dash outside until we all realised that it was just too chilly to hang about for too long. Mind you, the light was pretty special at sunset so it would have been rude not to get some shots of just Tom and Ashley together.

Dinner and speeches followed along with doughnuts and dancing, I really can’t think of a better combination to get that second wind at a wedding. And just when it was almost time to pack up my kit, there were Tom and Ashley in the middle of a very private dance floor savouring the moment. I lied, there were three tear jerkers for me at this wedding.

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