Cain Manor
Michaela & Charlie

August 20, 2021

‘My god, these images are just perfect!! Your blog post honestly made me cry, we absolutely love each and every one of them! Your post perfectly sums up the day. Thank you so much again for capturing our special day. Your work is truly incredible ❤️.’

I feel like I had gotten to know Michaela and Charlie fairly well over the last two years, what with meeting up a couple of times, many exchanged emails, and a couple of postponement phone calls courtesy of Covid…but we all got there in the end.

I started photographing all that was going on at Cain Manor from 11am, and there was a frenetic and excited buzz about the place from the off. The girls got ready upstairs with a team of hairdressers and make up artists, whilst the boys got ready just across the way with a couple of cold ones to keep things nerve-free.

When it was go-time, things got really emotional, which of course is what a photographer looks for. After a ceremony that tugged on the heart strings, we all headed outside for confetti, canapes and chilled drinks to get the celebrations started.

Dinner and speeches followed, the latter of which were rounded off beautifully by Michaela’s Maid of Honour and Michaela herself. Tears were shed once again and it was a joy to be witness to it all. When the time was right we popped out for some intimate shots with some impromptu cameos from The Girls and then Dad…the more the merrier I reckon.

The First Dance followed and that really kicked the evening into gear, and if Sweet Caroline doesn’t get the party started then there really is no help. Clearly a favourite with these guys and it was just awesome to be able to see this togetherness once again after so many months.

Congratulations Michaela and Charlie, an awesome wedding after so much uncertainty.

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