Cain Manor
Ashleigh & Jacob

May 29, 2022

Two and a half years. That’s almost how long ago I first chatted to Ashleigh and Jacob about their wedding plans for the first time. One pandemic, one addition to the family (them not me), and some reshuffling of dates later, and there we all were for a VERY special day at Cain Manor.

The day started for Ashleigh in the brand new Bridal prep room at Cain and it was as serene as it looked. After a short while we shifted base camp to the main house where the preparations continued along with Frankie (Ashleigh and Jacob’s baby girl) who was as good as gold, a couple of Ashleigh’s good friends, and her mother. Time tends to fly on the morning of a wedding, and today was no exception. Before we knew it, it was time to head downstairs for the ceremony…

I’ve got a place in my heart for celebrant-led ceremonies as that’s what my wife and I chose for our big day, and the ceremony at Cain Manor just underlined for me the reasons why. It was heartfelt, sincere, and personal. The perfect way to start married life together. When the ceremony was complete it was time to head outside for a faceful of confetti (quite literally), and a celebratory drink or two.

Dinner and speeches was next on the agenda, and both were delivered with aplomb. As with the ceremony, the speeches were heartfelt and eloquent, and Jacob even got away with not being royally dumped by his best men and brothers…which is always a plus.

The evening’s always a great time to get a few shots of the couple, so that’s exactly what we did before the band got the first dance and the party started…

With Ashleigh’s mother being Venezuelan, the chance of a proper party was always strong. Sure enough, after the band’s first set the surprise of a carnival style party was revealed. Masks were donned, glow stick and light-sabres were tossed skyward (no Darth Vaders were harmed in the making of this production), and the Latin music which I’ve always LOVED was blasted out. AWESOME! It wasn’t my first Venezuelan wedding party, but it did remind me why I love photographing them so much!

What a fantastic day! Thank you A&J for having me along, it was really very special…and of course, congratulations to you both!

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