Botleys Mansion Wedding Photographer

‘Oh wow Richard! These are amazing!!!! Everyone loves them so much! Thanks for all your work, really fantastic! Cheryl loves what you’ve written and loves the photos. Where can we give you a top review? We really are blown away!’ – Elliot

‘World class photos and a superbly written commentary by the photographer, a talented guy.’ – Father of the Bride

It was the day of ‘The Chelliot’ at Botleys Mansion on March the 9th 2019 (that’s Cheryl and Elliot to us laymen). As beautiful a day as it looked from the first picture, it was blowing an absolute gale outside so Botleys was to be our calm away from the storm, or so we thought. Calm it was not, one hell of a party it was…

It all started upstairs in the Bridal Suite where Cheryl and her Bridesmaids got ready for the day ahead, whilst Elliot and his two best men/brothers welcomed the guests into a breeze-free marble hall. The ceremony took place in the beautiful Green Room and it was just brilliant to see both Elliot and Cheryl interrupt the registrar during the vows on more than one occasion, such was their eagerness to tie the knot. Always a good sign!

Reception was obviously a mostly indoor affair but Elliot and Cheryl were definitely game for getting a few shots outside in between gusts of hair raising proportions. And then it was on to dinner and speeches which were as heartfelt as I was expecting them to be. I’m always humbled by those who get up to pour out their hearts in front of a room full of friends and family…it’s what it’s really all about.

The party followed with a brief pause in the middle for fireworks (always a photographer’s favourite moment) and then back inside to continue dancing/drinking/photoboothing. It was so much fun to be a part of such a special day, and it’s always great to be back at Botleys Mansion. Congratulations Cheryl and Elliot, and thanks again for having me along!

– Botleys Mansion Wedding Photographer

Botleys Mansion exterior Botleys Mansion green room Botleys Mansion ceremony room flowers Botleys Mansion Wedding ceremony room flowers Bride having some time aside Bridal preparations Hair and make up at Botleys Mansion Groom before the ceremony at Botleys Mansion Pageboy before the ceremony Enjoying a beer before the ceremony Bride and bridesmaids at Botleys Mansion Bridal suite Bridal prep Bridesmaids getting ready A Bride's moment of reflection Reaction of the Bride's mum Doing up the Bride's wedding dress Father of the Bride's reaction Having a drink and a laugh at Botleys Mansion Rock Paper Scissors before the ceremony The Groom before the ceremony Groom and Best Man before the marriage ceremony Bride walking down the stairs at Botleys Mansion Bride and Bridesmaids taking the stairs Bride walking up the aisle with her father A poignant moment during the wedding ceremony Sharing a moment during the ceremony Having a laugh during the wedding ceremony Botleys Mansion Ceremony Room Wedding rings at Botleys Mansion A reading during the wedding ceremony You may now kiss the Bride Wedding guests during the ceremony at Botleys Mansion Bridemaids at Botleys Mansion Signing the register at Botleys Mansion Confetti at Botleys Mansion Botleys Mansion Wedding Photographer Bridesmaids at Botleys Mansion Wedding hugs Wedding hugs Kids at weddings Botleys Mansion wedding photography Botleys Mansion receptionBride and her friends Throwing the bouquet at Botleys Mansion Catching the bouquet wedding flowers at Botleys Mansion Bride and her sister Wedding selfies Beautiful Bride at Botleys MansionWedding couple shoot at Botleys Mansion Cake cutting Botleys Mansion party First Dance at Botleys MansionWedding first dance Botleys Mansion wedding photography Party time at Botleys Mansion Dance off at Botleys Mansion Dancing at Botleys Mansion Botleys Mansion wedding funPhotobooth at Botleys Mansion Botleys Mansion photo booth Photobooth fun at Botleys wedding Wedding guests fireworks Botleys Mansion wedding couple night shotBotleys Mansion fireworks Watching fireworks at Botleys MansionFireworks at Botleys Mansion Watching the wedding fireworks at Botleys Mansion Night shot posed couple Party time at Botleys Mansion Botleys Mansion DJ party Botleys Mansion wedding Wedding dancing Botleys Mansion Botleys Mansion wedding party

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