Botleys Mansion
Sarah & Steve

November 7, 2019

What a gorgeous day it was for Sarah and Steve’s Botleys Mansion wedding – and that’s why I just love Autumnal weddings. Yes, it could be a bit blustery. Yes, it could pour down with rain or chill to your bones. But when it comes good, it comes really good…

Botleys Mansion is perfect for shooting both the Bride and the boys getting ready. The rooms are close enough (i.e. not at separate ends of the estate!) to be able to cover the boys getting ready as well as the Bridal Party, but far enough apart so there’s no chance of accidentally bumping into each other. And so it was when I met up with Sarah and her MOH in the Bridal Suite, and the boys a little later when they were starting to get ready for the big day ahead

With the dress on upstairs, and guests having been welcomed downstairs, it was time for the most important part of the day. I’ve been witness to so many pivotal moments in a couples’ lives, and how poignant that day…those few minutes are. Sarah and Steve’s ceremony was no different, full of love, laughter, and emotion.

Confetti in the autumnal sun made things official, and it was the perfect way to kick off the celebrations.

When the light was just right, we nipped outside for ten minutes for a few more intimate captures – and for Sarah and Steve to get away from it all/take it all in.

Dinner and catching up with old friends took place downstairs. And then came the speeches. The recipe for good wedding speeches consists of just two ingredients – comedy and poignancy. These were loaded with both, and of course yours truly was only too happy to lap it all up.

On to the party! A quick cut of the cake, the first dance, and on with hitting the dance floor. 95% of couples seem to really fear the first dance but I never seem to notice that much when they’re in the moment. It’s just another opportunity to express what this person in your arms truly means to you.

Congratulations on a brilliant day Sarah and Steve. You’re a truly lovely couple and it was a privilege to be there to capture it all.


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