Botleys Mansion
Rachael & Barry

August 1, 2019

‘Sitting by the pool in Singapore looking through your pictures for the 4th time. We just absolutely adore them, you’ve captured so many special moments. Especially those we didn’t notice at the time ourselves. Thank you for helping us keep the day alive.’ – Rachael & Barry

August the 1st was the start of a busy month for me and shooting a Botleys Mansion Wedding was a pretty amazing way to start it all off! I’ve shot many a wedding at Botleys Mansion and it’s always great to be back, and Rachael and Barry’s wedding was more than a bit special…

All the preparations took place upstairs with Rachael and the girls getting ready in the Bridal Suite, and Barry and friends enjoying a cold one whilst donning their suits. Once guests had taken their seats in the Green Room for the ceremony, Rachael headed downstairs with her father and Bridal Team. Both Barry and Rachael’s faces were just priceless as she rounded the corner of the aisle and they saw each other for the first time…a very emotional moment and the sort of thing that reminds me why I love doing what I do!

After a poignant (and at times funny) ceremony it was time to go outside into the August sunshine and get pelted with confetti. With such a gorgeous backdrop, a glass of something chilled, and a steel band providing the soundtrack, I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate tying the knot. Dinner and speeches followed complete with video messages from friends and family which had most people either crying or crying with laughter…or both.

The start of the party followed, and at an opportune moment the happy couple and I nipped outside for some photos. What a great way to round off an amazing day!

Congratulations Rachael and Barry, and what a fantastic day!

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