Botleys Mansion
Jaime & Mark

June 2, 2022

‘Wow!! Naturally we will be looking at the images on your blog 100 times over this evening together…can’t believe you have managed to capture some of the best parts of our day and show how much happiness, fun and laughter there was and to be seen via your photography skills. Truly breathtaking…album is now a must.

Thanks again Richard, outstanding!’

This. Was. Awesome. I knew of course that Jaime and Mark’s wedding would be action-packed, as they spilled the beans during our pre-wedding chat. It didn’t disappoint. Singing waiters, a caricature artist, and the mind-bending close-up magic of Ben ‘Mofo’ Williams. Oh, and one of Mark’s ex-girlfriends turned up at the end of the ceremony to try and break things up, but we’ll get to that a little later. Couple all of this with a sunny day at the gorgeous Botleys Mansion and it was always going to be a winner.

From the very beginning there was just so much hustle and bustle. If I wasn’t with Mark or Jaime getting ready, I was legging it up/downstairs to make sure I didn’t miss a thing. The hub of commotion was definitely where Jaime was getting ready along with her friends, with regular visits from family just to see how things were going. Things were going at a pretty good lick because in no time at all it was time to head downstairs for the ceremony…

After a beautiful ceremony and the unsuccessful break up of J&M, it was time to head outside for confetti, gin, some great weather, and the opportunity for a very talented artist to point out your more…noticeable physical traits. It was all done with just the right sized pinch of salt and I’m sure most of those comedic representations will find their way to a bathroom wall via a framer. I know that if it was of me, my kids wouldn’t even give me a choice.

A short while later dinner was served and speeches were delivered, but not before a handful of the ‘waiting staff’ broke into song to pay tribute to Mark and Jaime. And Jaime’s Mum…

After a short stroll in the evening sun, Jaime and Mark headed back inside for the first dance and a little bit of wizardry from Ben. It was the perfect way to get the evening celebrations under way after what had been a truly memorable day with this awesome couple. Thank you for having me there Jaime and Mark, and congratulations!

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